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  3. Anyone Having Problems With Game Freezes...*Try This Simple Fix*

User Info: giglamesh99

11 years ago#51
Doesn't work for me. Nothing has so far. I can't even get to a point to control Nikko, it keeps freezing at the same damn spot when he meets his cousin in the intro.

User Info: bam5268bam1

11 years ago#52
does this mean it will work again when online is back up?
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User Info: nerdssmellfunny

11 years ago#53

I tried unplugging the internet cable from the back of my ps3 and the game hasn't froze once since doing so.I know some people say it doesnt work but, it worked for me. Long live the nerds!;)

User Info: shyguy_01

11 years ago#54
this freezing problem, its all because of multiplayer right? if i dont set up online, then i wont experience the freezing problem like everyone right? im just trying to figure out if this freezing issue is the game or becasue of so many ppl trying to play the game on the internet.

and btw, if this problem is largely because of online multiplayer... why not just unplug all those other cables that connect you to the internet? just use cables that are needed for power and to plug to the TV? >_> idk
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User Info: TBKBigdog

11 years ago#55
yes, delete your cache(the thing you load at the start, not your game saves) then unplug your PS3 from the internet and restart the game. let it reload the cache on and it should be fine, I think.
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User Info: DrFeelgood1984

11 years ago#56
This sounds like a good temporary fix. However, I like knowing when my friends are online and I like being able to recieve game invites via my cellphone while playing single player. I guess I'll be disconnecting until they release a patch for this problem.

User Info: armaniboi

11 years ago#57
My game froze twice, but the third playthrough, I got a message that I got logged out of the playstation network and haven't had problems freezing during that hour or two i played. So it must be something to do with that. The third playthrough, I also didn't adjust my video settings (brightness/contrast) and add subtitles. I'd assume the former to be more of a reason than the latter.
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