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User Info: Jacien

6 years ago#1
I'm not that dedicated like nintenjado in getting all the characters to max HP and SP, but I did the next best thing, fed all Straw Hats one of each food, except for the Golden Full Course.

Reason I did that was because it seems like the foods give a set amount, and after you feed a Straw Hat that food twice, the third serving will only give +1/+1. And it wasn't worth my time to feed the Straw Hats a second serving again.

I used Excel to calculate it all (I even took screenshots to double check the numbers):

Been at 100% for a while now:

Fed 1 of each food to everyone so their stats are like what I calculated in that spreadsheet:

Cleaned out my inventory and kept the bare minimum:

And in the storage box I have 1 of each of the 29 foods for the hell of it, and really rare items that have no use really:

And I haven't touched VS Mode at all, so when you get to the character select screen, you'll see everyone get unlocked.

I gotta respect nintenjado for getting the characters to max HP/SP. On average, you'd need 1300 SP from Golden Full Courses to get a character capped.

Welp, I hope someone enjoys the save file for the 5 year old game.
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  3. So I uploaded my save file here after completing it 100%.
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