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  3. Did you feel the Pixls' lack of personality was a big loss?

User Info: MistressFi

11 months ago#1
I know a lot of people probably do think this about them, but looking back, I don't know how beneficial giving them dialogue would've been, and I don't feel like my experience with the game was lessened because they weren't really actual characters.

The game already has to handle the writing for Peach, Bowser, and Luigi as Mario's partners, with all of them assuming roles that they aren't normally expected to fill. Having to add in reactionary dialogue for as many as 12 new and original characters who all have the same background probably would've made the experience seem a little bit bloated, especially since some of them are only useful in select circumstances and most likely will not be onscreen for the majority of interactions.

User Info: Romani

11 months ago#2
I didn’t mind it that much. I thought the personalities they showed when you met them were entertaining enough, and like you said, the interactions between the heroes was enough to carry the game without them.

User Info: Truth35777

11 months ago#3
I love hearing Cudge exclaim "f*** YOU!" shortly after meeting him.

User Info: MawiocUdwoc

7 months ago#4
To be fair I've never finished this game but from what I've experienced is not much different than the previous 2 Paper Mario games regarding companions. The one thing I don't like about these games (and others like Mega Man X Command Mission) is that besides the chapter they're introduced in, it really makes no difference in the story which partner accompanies you, they might as well be items with the same functions and it'd be the same thing.

I did like that in TTYD they added a few bits depending who is the current active partner but for the most part what I said still applies.
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User Info: Moddragon22

2 months ago#5
I think it wasn't a huge loss, but I think that it would make the story better the more full characters there were.
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  3. Did you feel the Pixls' lack of personality was a big loss?
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