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User Info: irene1973

7 years ago#1
Hey. I am new to these message boards.

I have just started playing the PS3 version of this game. I have a question.
I am playing with the Muscle Cars career and almost ready to race against Angie. Should I do ALL the races before I race her? Or should I just race her first?

User Info: jennyferj75

7 years ago#2

Race all the ones that unlock PERFORMANCE upgrade parts for the car and apply all of them. Then race Angie.
Angie is about a 50/50 -- she can be easy or she can be hard to beat.

After her, unlock all performance parts on BOTH Wolf and Kenji areas before racing either of them. That way, you will have access to all the best parts!

Personally, I SAVE right before I race any of the rivals. I race them over and over until I get their cars.

Hope you have fun! (By the way, KEEP the picture-in-picture on and have fun hitting the rival's car! I love that.)
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