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  3. Why is Chapter 11 such garbage?
crazyseandx 5 years ago#1
It isn't enough that you can only hold 2 weapons at a time, you have health that is minuscule and crap regardless of the difficulty setting, and not enough ammo to go around. No, they had to give multiple enemies with no end in spawn, a turret, snipers, and total f***ing garbage just to add insult to injury. How the f*** is this even playable now?!?! The damn game already has the aforementioned problems and then they programmed THIS BULLCRAP?!?!

Seriously, how the f*** am I supposed to do this? I was on Easy Mode(EASY MODE!!!) and I still can't f***ing get past the first goddamn wave. f*** this crap.
ken_adams 5 years ago#2
The first encounter in chapter 11 is kinda hard but it's not that hard. Just calm down, learn where the enemies are, what kind of enemies there are, don't use cover system, just hide behind some walls while aiming down the sights, use a pistol for headshots and it's a walk in the park.
I was a little upset trying to beat that part on crushing but if you're having problems while on easy... well, you need to learn the game more
SheenavsKilley 5 years ago#3
You can kill the guy in the turret instantly if you bring that rifle that launches grenade. The rifle is usually found in the previous chapter. I once brought that along, shot the guy in the turret, dead instantly so then I don't have to bother with him anymore for the rest of the fight.
You don't even have to aim at the guy, I just aim at the turret without touching any of his body parts.
crazyseandx 5 years ago#4
Thanks for the tips, guys. Managed to get past that crap. Also beat Chapter 12, but the rapids and exploding barrels were not of any aid, though. Was that supposed to be classified as some kind of difficulty difference?
SheenavsKilley 5 years ago#5
That section where you drive and have to shoot the barrels is always the same no matter what difficulty you are on.
That mission is always unforgiving no matter what difficulty you are playing.
I just advance slowly to get them to fire at me and then retreat, I just want to know where they are located first and what is the trigger to get the enemy to appear.
crazyseandx 5 years ago#6
Oh no, I know it's the same. I'm just saying that the rapids and exploding barrels felt like they had to add in some extra difficulty compared to the first jetski chapter and that's what they came up with.
SheenavsKilley 5 years ago#7
Chapter 11 can be taken care of with the Dragon Sniper that you can find at the bottom of the stairs.
Once you get the dragon sniper, snipe the shotgunner guy that will approach your location then snipe the guy at the top of the stairs(top right of the screen) then snipe the turret guy.
The rest of the battle should be manageable.
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