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User Info: uesuva

7 years ago#1
If I copy my photos to the hdd and delete them from the game, does that decrease the size of the save data? or is it the same size regardless. And also can you copy them back into the game if say you need to resubmit one or something?

User Info: kyleripman

7 years ago#2
I don't think it decreases the file size. I think it's because the game has to "reserve" enough space to make sure you can take as many photos as it allows you to.

Not sure about copying them back into the game, but I don't remember that being an option.

Sure do love this game though.

User Info: funguy2233

7 years ago#3
You can't copy the photos back into the game once you transfer them to the hdd.

The photos actually take a huge hit on the resolution when you transfer them which is a shame because I would love to make some wallpapers out of the photos I took.

Good to see this board still has some activity. this is a great game that is very underrated. And having recently played aquanaut's holiday I can tell you that this is the superior game when it comes to photography.

User Info: uesuva

7 years ago#4
Yes, I agree its a great game, I've been having a great time with it and learning some about the animals too.

I just took the balloon ride which unfortunately pretty much signifies the end, and she hinted a a sequel, but unfortunately we aren't likely to see one.

Its a shame, I think if sony had advertised this one more than it would have sold better.

User Info: RoyalReturnPLFB

7 years ago#5
Any peepa got a save file that's 100 % complete ? Mine corrupted ~ !
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