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User Info: Thunder-God-Cid

1 month ago#1
platinumed the game back when it released and havent played since, was there any significant things added to the main game worth another playthrough?
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User Info: Lavabit

1 month ago#2
Here’s a list of the free patch changes since vanilla 1.0:


In addition to that list, there were four DLC episodes, one for Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, and Ardyn.

It may be worth another playthrough if you really liked the world/lore and want that expanded. The DLC episodes also have much different combat scenarios than the base game.

User Info: ExperiencePoint

1 month ago#3
Apparently it is completely different game now but I don't have time nor a will to check it out.

User Info: NSGraphite

1 month ago#4
The Royal pack content alone is worth checking it out again. Especially playing around with the Armiger Unleashed.
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