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User Info: TrueBURP

1 month ago#51
Well, Cloud having to work to eat and pay his rent at least is relatable. Not much like Noctis who just happens to travel with the most versatile cook in all the land, which also somehow packs a whole portable kitchen in his luxury car trunk.
Gawl9427 posted...
So according to your logic, any functional game is a 10/10.

My "logic"? To be frank, I couldn't think as slow or as dishonestly as you if I tried. However, if your idiotic post is the 'spin' you want to go with to help you sleep at night, then so be it. Ultimately the (fake) opinions and viewpoints of you, and the other trolling crybabies ITT who have been found out, are totally irrelevant to me and, more importantly, to the actual discussion at hand.

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User Info: slmcknett

1 month ago#53
Who are you, Trump? Just give an actual answer lol.
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User Info: Cogito

1 month ago#54
he does not have any argument besides "only my opinion matters and every other view point is irrelevant to me". a textbook example of a trolling crybaby.
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User Info: GladdyIsDaddy

1 month ago#55
It had a few minor flaws - the low resolution map and the combat was a bit wonky... aside from those things FFXV was a very fun game...
(message deleted)
Steve_McCroskey posted...
In light of the fact that you've beaten the game, I don't see what's to be gained by sullying that experience with a trip down Misery Lane. But if you must know then I'd suggest you read through the topics posted here circa launch. That's what they're there for.

And as I suspected would happen, people are predominantly listing reasons why they personally didn't like the game rather than citing actual issues (especially technical issues) with FFXV.


Don't blame you. These types of topics only serve as a repository for trolls to throw their toys out of the baby buggy. Or throw a hissyfit, whichever they can get access to first. Either way they do so whilst hiding like a coward behind the rubric of "discussion".

Well, as you can see by the distorted and sensationalized nonsense posted so far, you're not really going to get a genuinely honest accounting of that these days. Hence why I suggested the archives. That way you have a greater chance of dodging revisionist crap.

100% Nailed it, especially the bolded parts.

At launch FFXV was plagued with technical issues for some gamers. The (auto) save feature corrupting saves, sometimes rendering the whole 600MB+ 'block' unusable. Loading screens crashing to desktop with the CE-34878-0 error. An absolute ton of graphical glitches, some requiring reloading of the game. The list went on.

And even up until just earlier this year, there was still one repeatable bug, in particular, that could potentially ruin a run through the Pitioss dungeon (ie, walking / jumping Noctis off of certain ledges only for him to be left hanging in midair as if caught by the back of his neck on an invisible coat hook, requiring a reload).

Pacing? Invisible walls? Cutting the "playable Insomnia Invasion out of the game" was a "huge blow"? Noctis isn't "completely unrelatable"? These are not issues.

The Regalia Type F being destroyed, killing everyone onboard, resulting in a "Game Over" just for merely touching the paint of a streetlight. <<<<That nothingness would constitute a far more legitimate beef than most, if not all, of the childish, puerile garbage posted in this redundant topic.

Spammed product placement... Lol! Wtf is wrong with you people?

And although ^that's a rhetorical question, ultimately I'm unsurprised to see the likes of Kaz13 et al stirring up s*** here and contributing nothing, as per usual.

As has already been alluded to, this topic wasn't the brightest of ideas to begin with, as evidenced by the complete and utter crap that's been posted so far by children who just want to b**** about how much they dislike FFXV.

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User Info: Kaz13

4 weeks ago#58
Anyone wanna tell him? lol
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FF XV would've been a nigh perfect, epic game if:

The second "half" of the game, after Altissia, was the second half of the open world and we see snow fields, Niflheim, industrial areas, more dungeons, etc.

In that second half, we recruit new party members, including Luna who doesn't die aka cheap Aerith knockoff death. Recruit Cor, Luna, Aranaea, Gentiana, and maybe Gladio's sister

More summons, Shiva summonable anywhere in Niflheim as the "main summon." For added epicness and specialness, Gentiana has to be in your party and then turns into her when in a critical state

Pilotable magitek armor as a vehicle to replace car in Niflheim

Boss fights with more members of the empire, certainly the emperor himself

World of Ruin expanded and about 1/3 the size of first two world map halves, with new side quests including new bosses, a new rendition of Ultros and Typhon, Ultima Weapon, etc.

Noctis doesn't run like a fool
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User Info: divine_hyoga

2 weeks ago#60
LordRattergun posted...
None. The game sold 8 million copies and had fantastic critical reviews.

Only trolls hated this game.

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