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  3. I enjoy FF 12 more than FF 15

User Info: TallWhiteNinja

1 month ago#11
OverlordDeath posted...
Who doesn't?
Me. 12 is better crafted (even though it's characters, pacing, and plot have their own issues), but it's also a total bore to play.
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User Info: Frenchie

1 month ago#12
Bully for you.
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User Info: xsesh

1 week ago#13
OverlordDeath posted...
Who doesn't?

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User Info: WhyitEarp

1 week ago#14
OverlordDeath posted...
Who doesn't?

User Info: TboiGreezy

1 week ago#15
12 is trash imo couldn't get into it

15 is underrated

User Info: WhyitEarp

1 week ago#16
TboiGreezy posted...
12 is trash imo couldn't get into it

15 is underrated
You got those backwards
I think XII is a better game, but man I just can’t get over Vaan.

Like if you’re going to make an executive decision to make him the MC cuz you’re worried about the game appealing to kids, then actually make him the MC.

Don’t have the first 10 hours be entirely Vaan-centric, and then have him be a barley present side character for the remainder of the game. He ends up robbing Ashe and Balthier of way too much screen-time, and for legit no payoff.

Freaking NPC Lunafreya mattered more to the plot of XV than player-avatar Vaan (and Penelo) did to XII’s.
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User Info: domcaboy

1 week ago#18

TomorrowDog posted...
FFXII was like the first step in to the s*** swamp that XIII and XV frolicked in. But at the time it seemed like a flawed misstep rather than the beginning of the end.

FF10 did that. 12 actually changed things up but people kept on b****ing about it at the time. They went back to the endless hallway style in 13 and here we are...
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User Info: TheGuilty1

6 days ago#19
I couldn't get into 12. Loved 15 tho. I'm surprised that so many people come to this board just to bash it.

User Info: IsJustJeremy

5 days ago#20
FFXII was the hardest for me to finish because I didn’t like the politics of the story, the characters, art style, the battle system, and the original sound mixing. Every time I played it, it felt like I was only playing for series completion. The world of Ivalice is all it really has in my eyes.
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  3. I enjoy FF 12 more than FF 15
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