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User Info: DarkBlood1

1 month ago#1
I have both games buyed and played them a few hours, FF 12 is better in almost everything.
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User Info: stepan618

1 month ago#2
12 is a great ff game for sure. I played the original, I heard the updated version is even better.

15 is a mess. Some people enjoyed it, some people didn't. Most agree that it was a mess. I guess it comes down to whether you enjoy roaming an open world and the combat mechanics.

User Info: OverlordDeath

1 month ago#3
Who doesn't?

User Info: Steve_McCroskey

1 month ago#4
DarkBlood1 posted...
I enjoy FF 12 more than FF 15

Great. Couldn't care less. Go post it on the FF 12 board.

User Info: IzuZkb

1 month ago#5

User Info: ExperiencePoint

1 month ago#6
No wonder since objectively it is far better game the only things that ruined it is it's licence board system I hate it, this doesn't apply to Xbox and Switch versions though since you can change licences there. I recently put 40 hours into PS4 version just to end up with job combinations I didn't like so I dropped it since there is no way of changing licences. Wish Square would patch that feature into PS4 and PC versions.

User Info: TomorrowDog

1 month ago#7
FFXII was like the first step in to the s*** swamp that XIII and XV frolicked in. But at the time it seemed like a flawed misstep rather than the beginning of the end.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

1 month ago#8
No question XII is orders of magnitude better than XV in terms of story, characters, and world.
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User Info: angolmoa

1 month ago#9
Zodiac age is really great you can down buff any boss now.
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User Info: Brocknoth

1 month ago#10
OverlordDeath posted...
Who doesn't?

I can think of a certain white knight who shall remain nameless. Older members of the board know who I'm referring to. And of course XII is the better game. It didn't launch as a god damn beta and actually had a competent dev at the helm. Of course the higher ups just had to screw with Matsuno so he wasn't able to completely make the game he wanted which is really too bad.

I think ZA remedied this a bit but having not played that version myself I don't know for sure.
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