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User Info: bubbaX

5 months ago#1
so i been doing carrots and kept going for weapons and been getting a new weapon each time.

when do i know to stop doing weapons?

also what does auto parts get you? any thing good?
got the ulwatt for the quest (is it worth getting more?)
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User Info: mooreandrew58

5 months ago#2
I didnt know that about gettinf different weapons. Then again I didnt mess around with it till I had end game weapins anyways.

Cant remember correctly but i think the auto parts thing was just decals to put on the car.
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User Info: Repose

5 months ago#3
I think the option for the weapons just stops showing up after you got all of them.

Getting more Ulwatts is only worth it if you want to cook the recipe that uses it (which you receive after clearing that quest). The recipe boosts your magic but reduces strength to zero if I remember right.
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User Info: egpNoodlez

5 months ago#4
Can confirm, the option to redeem carrots for weapons will vanish once you have all the weapons you can trade for.

Auto parts are mostly stickers if you're into that.

Ulwaat Berries are used for another recipe if you have Royal Edition, can't remember what it is though. But no, once you have one for the Galdin Quay quest you don't really need anymore.

User Info: bubbaX

5 months ago#5
All i see now are iwaat carrots n 500 gil
Mad Cartoonist is the very best dissida player ever!
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