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  3. What do you guys listen to on the radio?

User Info: AbsOfAbacus

5 months ago#11
egpNoodlez posted...
A lot of the time, "Lucian Sky Smilin' Down On Me", I absolutely fell in love with that track when I first played and to this day it feels great to listen to while watching them drive across the land. Somehow it still feels fresh every time, I love it when I hit postgame and I take that first flight with the Regalia Type-F with this song rocking out in the background.

I used to listen to a lot of "Calling For Rain", but not as much anymore. I think I only played it once during my replay of FFXV last month, once in a hundred hours WTF XD

I have the Brotherhood disc on a lot. There's some nice mellow songs like the road trip one, also the Prompto running song which I love having on when free roaming for ingredients. I really wish we could have the fight music from Brotherhood for some of the battles in FFXV, I would have loved a quest that is basically episode one and five of Brotherhood.

Recently been having the King's Knight disc on, it's alright when I want something chill on.

That's about it. When I first played I had a lot of FFVII and FFVIII tracks on, but revisiting recently I was more about the original tracks.

Exactly the same as myself.
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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

4 months ago#12
FFXIII's Desperate Struggle goes with everything.

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  3. What do you guys listen to on the radio?
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