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  3. Would you want XV to get the FFVII remake treatment in the future?

User Info: NSGraphite

1 month ago#21
PS4 at 100 million baby!

User Info: lostn

1 month ago#22
Please no.

I would accept an FF6 remake though, but not one releasing in multiple parts with Narshe being turned into a full game.
Yes remake it for the PS5 as Final Fantasy Versus XV.

User Info: Warrior3001

1 month ago#24
There's nothing to be "remade" here.
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

1 month ago#25
I didn't want FFVII to get the FFVII Remake treatment. I certainly wouldn't want them to repeat it.

I would however be fully open to an FFXV-2, or FFXV spin-offs.
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User Info: egpNoodlez

1 month ago#26
As much as I'd love it, I'd prefer they completely redo the lore and just sell it as a Versus title. Even if you were to bring this game into a better engine than Luminous so that the combat isn't atrocious and things like character switching actually happened in a reasonable time, there are so many issues with the story that can't be overlooked.

A remake would be very beneficial to actually bringing the original vision and scope to life. Having recently replayed it with the Royal stuff, it's crazy how much missed potential there is. They could have easily kept the weapon setup and switching from Episode Duscae to use with Royal Arms, and by having customisable movesets for their starter, rush and finisher attack you could have setups for dealing with a group fight, or singular, you'd have weapon switching that actually mattered, as opposed to the singular use of cancelling into Greatsword's Tempest.

There's way more to elaborate on, but the tl;dr is a remake simply isn't enough to fix FFXV.

User Info: Wiegraf_Folles

1 month ago#27
No, but when they re-release it on the PS5, they should give it final mix treatment and not just port the Royal Edition.

Re-balance the gameplay, add more spells/weapons/ascension abilities, integrate the DLC episodes, sprinkle in a few (or all) unused cutscenes, add a couple new (hopefully good) quest chains and hunts, etc. Stuff you don’t need a lot of new assets for.

Obviously it would be nice to get the canceled DLC or more explorable areas and gameplay sections, but that’s unrealistic at this point.
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User Info: vanishingwings

4 weeks ago#28
There's no point in doing a "remake". If all you want is some development for Luna, just wait for the DoTF novel to be officially translated (or read the fan translations floating around). It's an alternate take, but it sure helps me actually like Luna more and see her as something more than a plot device ( and if I had known the things in the novel BEFORE seeing her death, I might have actually felt something when she died ). Also, I still don't see the point in having a "fully explorable Insomnia". Running around a big empty city with mindless sidequests wouldn't be any different than running around Altissia or Lestallum. If these were you're only / biggest complaints with the game, it doesn't sound like you need it to be remade.
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User Info: psolitsa

4 weeks ago#29
You mean make it as it was initially envisioned to be? Yes please.

Also FFXV wasn’t a learning experience for SE because they never learn. XIII was a mess, XIV was a mess they miraculously managed to fix by appointing the right man on the wheel, XV was a mess and KH3 was a sore entry to the franchise. Who knows how FFVIIR turns out to be.

User Info: BraskasStaff

2 weeks ago#30
No but just a redo

Two main things, have it be one game and have all the DLC (canceled included) as one main game where the story flows and the DLC takes over when you get to a certain point, instead of opening th DLC separate

And also in Chapter 14, before you go to the capital, having the option to explore the world and fight all the daemons.
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