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User Info: mooreandrew58

2 months ago#31
ThanosGauntlet posted...
mooreandrew58 posted...
Blair85 posted...
Noct has to clean up a mess that he wasn't responsible for

Ardyn had to become the enemy of the world, to save it

Aera had to betray the one she loved to enact a prophecy

Luna had to die to ensure noct was driven to finish his quest

Ifrit had to become subjected to the conduit of scourge and be eradicated in penance for going to war against the other astrals, out of love for humans

Ravus had to serve an empire he hated, watch his entire family die, trust in an immature prince to do what was right, and die, without ever knowing if the world would be saved

Iedolas had his reputation ruined, his family and empire destroyed, and became a puppet if Ardyn, to fulfill the prophecy

The bros had to support Noct right up to the point where they knowingly sent him to die as a sacrifice

Iris and talcott had their childhoods stolen from them, and became cold hearted weapons

Aranea was forced to change her outlook on life, and strive to be better than a mercenary who was only motivated by payment

Somnus had to live on, knowing the wrong he'd committed against his brother, and regretting it had to be that way

Verstael died after realizing he was never important in the grand scheme of things

Regis raised a son, knowing he would be a sacrificial lamb

Cid and cindy lost their entire lives work, as well as losing many people they loved along the way

Cor got old, and was unable to carry out his duty, and die an honorable death, in service ro the crown, he swore to serve

The astrals and the crystal had to relinquish control to save the planet

The people who survived to the end had to live through a world of ruin, and had to rebuild from the ashes, in a world devoid of magic

The people of Niflheim and Altissia were killed by the residual effects of killing astrals

The people of Solheim were caught in the crossfire of conflicting opinions from the astrals

Many others died in a pointless war, between the Empire, and the kingdoms

The rest died of scourge

Nobody has a happy ending in XV

I feel ardyn has it the worst even if just for the sheer length of time he suffered. But I do have some bias.. I love a travic villain. It hits me when i sympathize with the villain but know he needs/deserves to be beaten/killed.

Whats that about Cindy and Cid ? They never indicated they gave 2 s***s about anyone, they're just a duo out in the desert fixing stuff. I'm more convinced Cindy and Cid are doing a 69'er

also Ardyn technically never really dies because Ardyn is actually Umbra, the Dog

I dont believe ardyn ia umbra and itsbmade clear in the dlc its his fate to die.

Cid and cidney had a rough go for awhile but they never f***ed over like others. Hell in comrades they seem to be handling the situation well enough.
Cid- "looks like that overgrown lobster just got served!" Bartz-"with cheese biscuts AND mashed potatoes!"
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