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User Info: Montblanc

7 months ago#1
How do you feel about Final Fantasy VIII (8)? - Results (553 votes)
I loved it
53.16% (294 votes)
I liked it
30.2% (167 votes)
I disliked it
10.85% (60 votes)
I hated it
5.79% (32 votes)
This poll is now closed.
In this case:
"I loved it" means that you, obviously, loved the game. You consider it (one of) the best and (one of) your personal favorite(s), a masterpiece, or something along those lines.

"I liked it" means that you liked the game though not enough to consider it (one of) the best. "Pros" outweigh "cons"; you liked many things about the game, but there are things that you didn't like.

"I disliked it" means that you didn't like the game, but you didn't hate it either. "Cons", however, outweigh "pros".

"I hated it" means that you quite literally hated the game; you consider it one of the worst, if not the worst game in the series.

*Only registered users, only 1 vote per IP.

(I think this is enough for now. I don't wanna be marked as a "bot", "troll" or whatever. Others can copy/paste and make it for other games if they want to. If not, I can make a few more tomorrow.)

User Info: 1Tekkaman

7 months ago#2
One of the best in the series, easily. Probably the most unjustly-bashed, too.
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

7 months ago#3
Liked it, didn't love it.

It is my wife's favourite though.
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User Info: rajin_donuts

7 months ago#4
Definately among 2 and 12 as my least favorite in the series.

User Info: Jelash13

7 months ago#5
Love the setting, world and sountrack. Dislike the story, hate characters, and I especially hated that forced romance.
Overall... Eh, it's not a bad game, so I picked 2nd option.
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User Info: WhyitEarp

7 months ago#6
Not a fan

User Info: Dustin1280

7 months ago#7
Hated the scaling in that game and the draw system. Beyond that I enjoyed it.
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User Info: Tukhara

7 months ago#8
The game had potential and good foundation but was horribly executed and the romance was horrible to me.

Way better than XIII and XV and whatever crap Square pulls out, but VIII back in the day was somewhat in the same place as them for its time. It was praised widely at first, and for those who started it as their jump into the series they loved it the most. But in retrospect it began to get a lot of complaints and for good reason

The combat system is broken, yes you can choose not to break it but still I ended up doing that anyhow on one particular run without even trying.

But the worst of it all is the cast. Squall is just meh and has barely any personality traits but he was the most developed ironically out of anyone else. I honestly would have said Laguna almost got more depth to me than him had he got more backstory

Rinoa is trash, Quistis, Selphie, and Zell were interesting but pushed aside in favor of the horrible ship that is Squinoa

User Info: AbsOfAbacus

7 months ago#9
Love it.

It rocks my Abs so hard.
"You Can Always Count On Me" - Abacus AmIRighta.

User Info: MalakTawus

7 months ago#10
Close to love despite i conside the junction system one of the worst ever created -_-
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