Just started Comrades and it seems really hard

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  3. Just started Comrades and it seems really hard

User Info: Vortex268

6 months ago#1
I am about 5 hours in. I am playing the Xbox version and the online is completely dead so I am doing missions solo. My character hits like a pea shooter. I am also having to do missions that are below my level. I tried to do a level 7 mission at level 5 and got smoked. Is it supposed to be this difficult? Not looking forward to playing 50 hours of this DLC.

User Info: motoleo

6 months ago#2
It is overly hard that's why nobody is ever online.

User Info: Kenneth_Writer

6 months ago#3
There's many things you need to do and understand about Comrades.

For instance, weapons decide 99% of your stats and you need to understand how to remodel them and get the most out of what you have.

Then you need to grind.

Lots and lots of grinding.

Grind to get power.

Grind to unlock new things.

Grind to power up what you have.

Grind to get absurdly low drop rates.

Never stop grinding.
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  3. Just started Comrades and it seems really hard

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