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User Info: renegadedriver

9 months ago#1
seems the lastest gaming trend is lets make a open world. in some cases it works. in others it doesnt. im not asking if you think that ff15 should have been made a open world.

in the past we had a world map that allowed some exploration but didnt function as a open world. there didnt seem to be a problem with it. then we moved to ffx, where the game was a linar map, but disguised it pretty well. after that we got ff12. which had zones you could explore. ff13 had hallways and we all know most people didnt like that idea.

but with a open world format you have to be careful with the story your wanting to tell. it also has to have loads of content so the player doesnt get bored. most people are demanding witcher 3 sidequests in the openworld. so what im asking is do you think that ff should be open world?

i dont think it has to be. ff has always been a heavy narrative focus series. those are hard to tell in a open world format. we have seen some japanese companies attempt this before with varing results. tales of zestiria, ff15, dragons dogma, and ni no kumi come to mind.

but some of the better rpgs ive played over the years still work off the old world map system or have zones you go through. i just dont see the point of forcing ff into a constant open world status from now on. every now and then sure. course i could just be suffering from fatigue from open world games in general.
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User Info: sano83

9 months ago#2
I want an open world game every 4 games.
I want a trow back game with a world map like Final Fantasy IV to Final Fantasy IX every 4 games.
The rest (two games before the circle start again) should be like Final Fantasy XII in the map aspect.
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User Info: JakeMordan

9 months ago#3
I have no particular preference I've enjoyed linear games and open world games.

User Info: Brocknoth

9 months ago#4
Only if it's done "right"
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User Info: sano83

9 months ago#5
Brocknoth posted...
Only if it's done "right"

This can be said about any other kind of map, though.
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User Info: mikey_205

9 months ago#6
I'd like a Xenoblade approach. Giant explorable areas connected by loading screens and a heavy emphasis on story. Linear dungeons within the areas.

If we can have it open world without sacrificing the story then that's my preference.

If I have to pick between hallway and open then I prefer latter though. FFXV is better than XIII for sure even in an incomplete state.
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

9 months ago#7
I'm more concerned about if its a good game or not rather than how its executed, but if its open world, then Witcher 3 actually is a good way to handle it mechanically because of how it loads areas without putting too much strain on the system.
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User Info: Icecl_Keyheart

9 months ago#8
Ff14/ff12 type worlds would be good

User Info: LuckyMouse

9 months ago#9
Do I think FF should be Open World?

No, I don't think it should be, it can be, sure, but it needn't be.

If it's done right, I don't mind what kind of "map system" is used.

User Info: WhyitEarp

9 months ago#10
I think open world has negatively affected more games than positively
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