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  3. This is by far the most bashed FF game ever?

User Info: Shayner55

9 months ago#411
renegadedriver posted...
ShayTanael posted...
meteora88 posted...
xXShuyaXx posted...
Because the edgelords wanted a edgelord worthy story and a harem of women for their edgelord kingdom. They got non of that, so now they edgelord on the game, quite simple yet quite sad.

Not everyone who criticises the game is like that.

Plenty of people (myself included) greatly enjoyed the game but were feeling let down by the story.

You are exactly the type of person that post is talking about.

Not a single one of your complaints with the story have been about any of the main characters or the main narrative.

It’s always been nitpicking about background information like who Ardyn’s brother was or some s*** like that or the side characters smh...

ShayTanael posted...
meteora88 posted...
I've already touched on my criticisms about the story's presentation.

Poor chapter transitions, way too short, omission of context to strengthen the story (Shiva and Ifrit being lovers wasn't added until months after the game was released), players not knowing what the heck happened to the bros when they left (leaving it all up to the DLC was a bad move), and zero character arcs (taken out of the game and sold as separate DLC).

A friend of mine played it and she asked me what the heck was happening at the beginning, why was a random girl walking on the road with a dog, where did Cor go, why do we not get any information on Insomnia, Noctis and the bros, etc.

Look at it from the perspective of someone who is playing this game for the first time with no prior knowledge about anything for this.

Talk to people who played the game for the first time and didn't follow the Versus days.

You will find a lot of confused people.

Game ends and people still have a tonne of unanswered questions.

As I said...

All background information.

The only point you brought was “zero character arcs” which is just false. Noctis’ arc from naive prince to proud king, Ignis from perfectionist to idealist, Gladio from the pessimist to the believer and Prompto from the insecure ‘damsel in distress’ to the independent warrior were all well-defined arcs for the main characters.

That’s why the chocobros were unanimously loved since Day One.

why noctus was hesitant to put on the ring,

Yeah this especially. The guy was about to have a heart attack on the verge of tears and it wasn't until I watch the (god awful) kingsglaive that I was like "oh this could burn his f***ing arm off for the lols"
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User Info: Kenneth_Writer

9 months ago#412
Prishe- posted...
By that bad I meant I like it lol

Don't worry, we can get you help.

(Eyes harden) But if you're just saying this to avoid the fate of the others who came before you...

May whatever you believe in have mercy on your very essence.

Last guy that came here, we ended up tying him up just for trying to use the bathroom in case he wanted to actually sneak away and tell people about what we were doing to the actually bad people.

He tried to squirm away from the chair, but he just fell over, and unlike movies, changing the centre of gravity doesn't magically undo ropes, all that happened was that he was now on the floor and tied to a chair.

Sure he screamed, said he didn't do anything wrong and that we'd get what was coming to us...

...But who is the one telling the story?

He should have just given us the comic when he had the chance.
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User Info: SSJ5_Goku-San

9 months ago#413
I still feel like FFXIII is the most bashed Final Fantasy game. This one feels more mixed, especially since it's getting updates upon updates.
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