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User Info: SolidusSnakeX

3 years ago#1
So I compiled a list of treasures of treasures that are safe to sell and others that should be kept for upgrades.

Safe to Sell
Alstor Bass Bones
Barrelfish Mucus
Barrelfish Scales
Bass Eye
Bass Teeth
Bluegill Fin
Bluegill Scale
Building Stone
Curved Fang
Dace Scales
Divine Whiskers
Drooping Whiskers
Electrolytic Condensor
Greatsnake Scale
Griffon Feather
Monster Jaw
Phoenix Bass Bladder
Quality Building Stone
Repair Kit
Sabertusk Claw
Sharp Scythe
Snakehead Teeth
Splendid Building Stone
Trevally Fin
Trevally Scales

Upgrades/Don't Sell
Barbed Scythe
Cactuar Needle
Coeurl Whiskers
Earth Gemstone
Glass Gemstone
Hydraulic Cylinder
Magitek Core
Metal Bit
Monster Claw
Rusted Bit
Sky Gemstone
Sturdy Helixhorn

Anything aside from these can be sold without any hindrance to upgrades. Although I list what is safe to sell and what isn't safe it doesn't mean that the other treasures aren't important. Most treasures can be sold if you don't use Magic at all. However, anything that allows Expericast or powerful magics likely shouldn't be sold. At this time I have a list of Expericast Treasures and others. I'm just new to the game and done research on what is safe to sell and not in the most basic form. Keep this in mind

User Info: renegadedriver

3 years ago#2
cool tip would definitely help me remember what i can sell. usually i sell the sabortusk claws for cash. i completely forget what else i need.
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User Info: Relinquished

3 years ago#3
Even what you have listed there, like the dace/bluegill scales, can be used in elemancy. If I recall they give a decent amount of casts but sell for like 2 gil.

If they ever add a system to upgrade weapons with materials like in Comrades, we’d be set.
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User Info: SolidusSnakeX

3 years ago#4
Probably so. I think any of the items you pick up can be used for additional spell uses. I'm not sure on that though. For the most part it probably isn't as useful as other treasures you can get. I have no way of confirming that they do increase casts or not, but I'm betting you're right about that.

User Info: tabby0001

3 years ago#5
What about treasures in pocket edition? Anything that should not be sold?

User Info: -MrMojoRisin-

3 years ago#6
I don't sell anything. Ever. I have ocd in every game that involves getting rid of items, where I keep at least a few of everything on hand in case I need it (99.9% of the time I dont'). I think I only sold some stuff in the beginning of the game when money is tight. Then I become my usual hoarder-self like the kind you find on those TV shows with living rooms full of all sorts of useless s*** that doesn't belong in a living room / run-on-sentence. Every so often when I use elemancy to fill my flasks I'll go through and see x50-99 of something and use those for like 20-50 something casts that I use to wipe out trash mobs in one hit with.
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User Info: KrankyKat

3 years ago#7
I'm assuming the TC is keeping Earth Gemstones for magic crafting, since I don't recall any quest that needs one? Maybe I just don't remember?

When I first play thru a game, I tend to try to keep a few of everything. If I continue to play and replay the game, I will eventually get to a point where I only keep the things I use a lot - the most efficient ones.

In PC gaming, I may hoard/collect a lot of stuff anyway, because of the different inventory management design PC games can have (the square grid/picture inventory where I can tell what something is via one glance at a pic, plus storage boxes, etc). But a console game with only giant scrolling text lists, I get too aggravated having to scroll thru multiple menus of 50, 100+ items all the time and start selling to make the lists shorter and shorter. ;p
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User Info: OlendraDivine

3 years ago#8
I never sell anything either.

User Info: SolidusSnakeX

3 years ago#9
Eh, some may be inaccurate unfortunately. I never took the time to look at all the information myself. Rather pull information from other sources online to get this list.

I never sold anything other than sabertusk claws myself. However, by the time you make it to endgame.. honestly. Most stuff won't be worth keeping other than the most powerful of magics in my opinion.

My problem is that I hoarded so much and didn't do a lot of hunts because I thought that no matter how far you get in the story you always return to the open world in each chapter. As wrong as I was I ended up getting through the game with a measly sum of about 8,000 gil. I was broke all the way through the game due to my lack of understanding. I also beat the game at 40. I felt so under-leveled lol

I don't know about pocket edition. You would have to check. I recommend visiting the final fantasy wiki to get an idea.

User Info: Celdrian

3 years ago#10
I keep all my treasures just in case they decide all of a sudden to add crafting and whatnot (real crafting, not the cid stuff). Or if they add a new use to them. Idk. It's not like I need the money. With the timed quests u can make money easily now anyway. Unless they fixed the whole changing the system's date thing.
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