Return of the VERSUS Epic

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User Info: divine_hyoga

7 months ago#21
I rather see versus into XV like a Noctis dream or something when he is in the crystal.

User Info: 3rdDragoon

7 months ago#22
I hope they make a connection between sprits within and xv. Two masterpieces. Could take place when noctis is in the crystal.
"A Fantasy based on false advertisement"

User Info: divine_hyoga

7 months ago#23
You can be into the crystal too, would be very funny XD.

User Info: amerk

7 months ago#24
psxotaku posted...
Yes, I just created this thread. How many of my fellow Insomians would stand with a completely next-generation, Nomura envisioned and executed resurrection? We are talking the other side of FFXV, and a complete break all in one. To truly realize the vision of FF Versus once and for all and begin the tale. I'm not talking a stupid online petition, I am talking full scale development.

Who would stand for this. How many of you would abide it.

He's got to be able to get out FFVII Remake (all parts) and KH3 at this point. If you're banking on him doing something next gen he couldn't do in 10 years (between the last two gens), you're setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. A true versus is fine, but doubt we'd see it before 2030 at this rate with Nomura at the helm.

User Info: westonticklee

7 months ago#25
meteora88 posted...
Which meant that he just threw that out there,

Sounds no different then what he's been doing all through pre and post release marketing
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User Info: RudeBoy_

7 months ago#26
Smoker_Face posted...
This is one of the only times in gaming history where after hyping something up to be the greatest JRPG/RPG/Game of all time and being met with its absolute failure that people have actually built up some imaginary game in their head that they are using as an excuse for their years of blind, ignorant hype and claims.

The game was not anything that people were claiming it would be. Get over it. Nomura has never made anything worth anyone's time. His games, characters, and stories are nothing but shallow nonsense completely lacking in creativity and there was never anyone with talent working on this game to begin with.

User Info: GenerationVXIII

7 months ago#27
Sure thing but after KH3 comes out next year then I think he should get BD3(The KH team and work on Final Fantasy Versus XV for either next gen or this gen)

Nomura can work on two games but he just can't work on 3 of them.

Nomura alternating between Versus games and VII Remake would be great

User Info: GenerationVXIII

7 months ago#28
theofficefan99 posted...
No the dream is dead and I want something fresh. It should've been Nomura's trilogy the first time around. It's upsetting that we're at the end of 2017 and we're still not done with games that were revealed in 2006, and on top of that SE is also pouring the rest of their energy on a remake of a 20-year-old game.

Luckily the dream only dies when we allow it to die, oh and luckily they have multiple divisions so you can get your freshness from BD2? While either BD3 or BD1 work on FINAL FANTASY Versus XV

User Info: ClericIdola

7 months ago#29
Lol.. Versus XIII was about as real as the XIII battle system in the reveal trailer.

I've talked about a "World of Versus" or a "Episode Versus" DLC that allows us to experience Noctis' dream during the 10 year slumber. This dream would take place in Insomnia under eternal nightfall and would build a story around the Imsomnia scenes in the VSXIII concept trailers, i.e. the attack on Insomnia, the party, etc. Heck, maybe even Stella would come back for a little I'm-Stella-not-Luna action. Also, to make playing as Noctis here a bit different from how he plays in the main game, the magic system for Comrades would bw used for him instead of the one from the main game.
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User Info: psxotaku

7 months ago#30 GO FORTH. IT COMES.
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