Most Badass sword in the series.

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User Info: Lewkis

5 months ago#41
ultimagicarus posted...
^man what is Planet Buster? And Rainbow sword? when i googled, it shows me the colorful Energy Sword from Halo series. LoL

Rainbow Sword was one of Crono's weapons in Chrono Trigger. No idea about Planet Buster.

User Info: Dire

5 months ago#42
The Rainbow Sword from Chrono Trigger is the only correct answer.

Edit: I see you guys already beat me to it! Bravo!

User Info: ultimagicarus

5 months ago#43
^oh i see, thanks. Shame, i never played that game.

Auron's Katana is underrated.
Here's another slick view of the black metal blade.
Gran Turismo Sport, chasing perfection.

User Info: Lewkis

5 months ago#44
I would love to have to have that hanging on my wall.

Also, would recommend playing CT, great game. Either the SNES version or DS port (port is retranslated with some bonus content, otherwise pretty loyal).

User Info: dsaddict

5 months ago#45
The blazefire saber because I think I have the strength to wield it.
"I look like a boss, I feel like a boss, I taste like a boss..." Max B
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