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5 months ago#1
Since every topic that discusses favorite games in the series end up in arguments and name-calling, and since many of us are pretty sick of this stupidity, this topic is dedicated for you to list the QUALITIES of each of your 5 favorite FF games.

Everyone will be able to post why he/she loves those 5 entries, but will also have to point out a flaw for each game, since no game is perfect...


- Post only your 5 most liked games in the series.

- Start with #5 in your list, then work your way to your absolute favorite.

- The last time you played those entries! (Only the year is required.)

- DO NOT criticize or question the other users choices!!

- If someone still starts to troll, ignore the damn kindergartner to death.

Bottom line: Have fun praising your favorite FFs, pointing out 1 flaw for each, and learning how to interact with each other!
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5 months ago#2
So, here we go!

#5: Final Fantasy IX

(Last played: Around 2012)

After playing VII and VIII, I was refreshed to have a FF game kinda go back to its roots, although the first 5 games stretched the theme of crystals and the exploration of medieval times to their limits.
Looking back, what made me like this entry and put it in my Top 5 was mostly the soundtrack and some of the characters.
The graphics were also gorgeous for the most part, considering it's a somewhat "early" 3D title.

The criticism goes to the overall plot. Although not as bad as a couple other entries, it didn't take my breath away nor got me that attached to the characters... bummer!

#4: Final Fantasy IV

(Last played: 2011)

Let's be honest...
It's hard to talk about FF without at least mentioning Final Fantasy IV. This title brought many new things to the table, ranging from a second part in the "Prelude" theme - thanks to the SNES improved sound chip - to the introduction of the famous ATB system.
Also, this entry is responsible for Square's first attempt to give more focus to revolutionary storylines rather than customization.

My criticism goes to the graphics. Even in its early beginning during 1990-1991, the SNES was absolutely capable of better graphics!
But then again... IV was supposed to be released for the NES instead, so it's kinda understandable.
The "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" is THE best videogame console ever made; period!


5 months ago#3
#3: Final Fantasy VII

(Last played: 2016)

Indeed one of the greatest games of all time - although many entries in the series could fall in that category - Final Fantasy VII has nearly everything an RPG fan can ask for: action, drama, humor, suspense, memorable characters, etc...
Square was also able to pull off one of the most unexpected plot twists in videogame history, and the introduction into the 3D environment was in a fair manner.

My criticism, ironically enough, goes to the graphics as well. For me, many 2D games - such as Chrono Trigger and even this game's predecessor - aged much better than the early polygon graphics of VII.
But then again, the same thing happened to IV which was the first in the SNES, so it's also understandable.

#2: Final Fantasy X

(Last played: January 2017)

Perhaps the most romantic Final Fantasy to date - in my opinion - I still remember the feelings this entry brought to me.

I didn't cry when the major plot twist happened in VII. But when I reached the summit to find the Zanarkand Ruins, and "To Zanarka nd" started playing in the background...
Or when the ending was reached, and Yuna tries to hold on to the one who had given her the most happiness only to fall helpless on the floor...

It was hard to hold the tears, I'm not ashamed to confess.
So many sad moments!

As far as criticism, I'd say the exiting from the beloved ATB system was a terrible goodbye.

#1: Final Fantasy VI

(Last played: 3 months ago.)

For me, the quest for identity and the meaning of life are the main reasons Final Fantasy VI's plot resonate so perfectly with me.
But, personal stuff aside, from the moment you power the game on, you just know Square means business with this one!
The dark clouds, the lightning, the spooky organ player... Final Fantasy VI knows how to take you from the depths of hell to the pinnacle of Heaven (literally, if you know what I mean) many times during the long length of its exceptionally well crafted plot - especially for the time it was launched. -

It's extremely hard for me to pick between my favorite aspects of this game, ranging from the cold, dark, steampunk setting, to the EPIC (such an understatement) soundtrack, to the memorable, relatable, and down-to-earth characters, to the "End of the World", to Celes' heart-wrenching scene past the middle of the game, to one of the most despicable villains of all time...
This game touched me like no other game ever did, and it's not only my favorite in the series, but my favorite game of all time.

Now, to criticize it, I will say that I F****** HATE THE COLOSSEUM!!
Although being an optional part of the game, not going through it means losing - or delaying - the acquiring of some very good weapons and relics.
Thankfully, there are many ways to overpower the AI, considering your equipment setup!

So, there you have it!
My in-depth, top 5 FF games of all time!

Now, which ones do you like and why?
The "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" is THE best videogame console ever made; period!
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User Info: ChingTheMonkey

5 months ago#5
I'll just give one reason for both what I like and a flaw, since I don't want to type too much.

#5: Final Fantasy VII
What I love about the game, is materia. The whole idea of materia is just something I really love.
A flaw about it, well some people will disagree, but VII's Cait Sith is easily the worst in the series in my opinion.

#4: Final Fantasy 1
My first FF game, and it has a lot of nostalgia for me. One thing I really love about it is the job advancement system it has. I've always loved games where you can pick a job and then upgrade it.
A flaw, well there's the plot, I found it pretty lackluster.

#3: Final Fantasy XIII
There are a lot of things I love about this game. But if I had to choose one, my favourite would probably be the setting. The world and lore is just so interesting to me. The beautiful graphics definitely don't hurt.
What I didn't like about it, was that your party leader was locked onto a specific character for so much of the game.

#2: Final Fantasy IX
The story. It's probably my favourite story in the series. Not just the plot, but how it also helps advance and develops most of the cast in their own personal struggles.
I hated the trance system. I wish you could've just filled up the bar and then decided whether or not you wanted to trance.

#1: Final Fantasy V
What I love most about the FF games are the job classes. And the reason I like V the most is because of it's gameplay. It had the best job system in the series.
The characters didn't go through much, if any, character development. Especially Krile, given how little screentime she actually got.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

5 months ago#6
What the heck, I'll bite.

5. Final Fantasy IV. Last played sometime last year. Arguably the first truly epic game in the series, Cecil's internal struggle resonates even today. Also, if my information is correct, is the first to use the familiar battle system. I've not actually beaten it, so if I had to name something I consider a flaw it's lack of control over party makeup.

4. Final Fantasy XII. Last played several years ago (had to sell my copy some time back). As befits a game set in Ivalice, it has one of the best storylines I've encountered in a video game, with a stellar cast. The voice acting helps; I've a weakness for the pseudo-Shakespearean method. Main drawback, IMO, is the learning curve is rather steep; my first time I got stymied by a very early boss.

3. Final Fantasy IX. Last played earlier this year. Long, engrossing story, easy-to-master battle system, and diverse characters make this one a true classic. Also has one of the best romances I've seen in any game, and a number of superb music tracks. On the negative side, I've never liked the art style, you're forced to play three rounds of the worst minigame in all of Final Fantasy (I deeply hate Tetra Master), and the brief time you play as frog Cid is a pain in numerous sensitive portions of the anatomy. Oh, and Kuja makes my flesh crawl.

2. Final Fantasy VIII. Last played a couple of weeks ago. My number one for some years, and I still love it. The story, while perhaps not the best, is overall well done, and I find Squall and Rinoa's relationship very compelling. Environment and character designs are excellent; Squall is IMO one of the most stylish JRPG protagonists out there. Music is some of Nobuo Uematsu's finest work, with exactly one track I dislike (and it's only played twice). Biggest problems would be the Draw system being a bit tedious, some late-game stuff is poorly explained, and characters not named Squall, Rinoa, or Seifer get little development.

1. Final Fantasy VII. Last played a couple months ago. My current number one, and likely to remain so. Diverse cast, well-built world, and another superb sound track add up to what I can only describe as a masterpiece. Aeris's death moves me to this day, and even optional characters Yuffie and Vincent get their share of development. Battles are fun, though I admit the cast could stand a bit more variation in abilities. My main issues with the game are how some ultimate weapons work (notably Tifa's), and the fact that we had to wait for a movie several years later to confirm that everyone survived.

My $.02, for better or worse.
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User Info: bennydaface

5 months ago#7
4, 6, 7, 9, 10 (in no particular order)

Why? Because this is the only right answer.
1. Chrono Trigger, 2. FF6, 3. Skyrim, 4. Rome:Total War, 5. Halo 3, 6. Suikoden 2
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User Info: HumpaBumpa

5 months ago#8
I've got to play the entire series from 1 to 13 excluding MMOs last year! I'm a very new fan of the series. ; )

Number 5 - Final Fantasy V:
Because I love me some job classes and character customization!
This game is a huge upgrade in that regard in comparison to III on the NES.
Unfortunately, the story is too silly for my taste, and the villain too cartoony and stupid.

Number 4- Final Fantasy:

The original started it all, and it's still a very nice pick-up-and-play title for leisure adventurous times!
Now, obviously those graphics are completely simplistic by today's standards.

Number 3 - Final Fantasy X:

I love me some romance, and as the topic author mentioned, this is indeed the most romantic title of the series!
Unfortunately, sphere grid was very weird for me.

Number 2 - Final Fantasy IX:

The whole fantasy atmosphere enticed me right from the beginning, since I also love me some fantasy/romantic/medieval setting rather then sci-fi or fururistic ones.
My only complaint is the concept of different races... I prefer my characters to be fully human, haha!

Number 1 - Final Fantasy VI

Kefka amused me so much that I actually loved with him more than even some other awesome characters of the game. The only exception is Sabin, since he's smoking hot!! Well, and maybe Locke also... he's super cute and adorable!.. Oh, and Shadow! Just look at my signature! Haha!
Complaint goes to Umaro. He's the embodiment of uselessness.
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Don't forget that." (SHADOW - FFVI)

User Info: Wynvkius

5 months ago#9
5. IX
Last played: 2017

4. XII
Last played: 2017 (TZA)

3. VII
Last played: 2017 (currently replaying)

2. VI
Last played: 2012 (looking forward to replaying in a month on SNES classic)

1. X
Last played: 2015

I've been on a Final Fantasy kick lately which is why I've played some of them so recently
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5 months ago#10
Wynvkius posted...
5. IX
Last played: 2017

4. XII
Last played: 2017 (TZA)

3. VII
Last played: 2017 (currently replaying)

2. VI
Last played: 2012 (looking forward to replaying in a month on SNES classic)

1. X
Last played: 2015

I've been on a Final Fantasy kick lately which is why I've played some of them so recently

Welcome to my world... lol
I've been in a FF kick as well.
The "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" is THE best videogame console ever made; period!
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