Which FF Do Hipster Snobs Cling To The Most?

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User Info: JamaicaMistake

9 months ago#291
Ghost_Of_Donkey posted...
Yea, I rather be an arrogant elitist than a mid 30s dude who has never played Chrono trigger and feels he can have an opinion on it.

Did you really create an alt because you need to post on a message board that badly?
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User Info: Finis-XII

9 months ago#292
I just noticed Donkey is in purgatory. What did he do?
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User Info: firebind2

9 months ago#293
Ghost_Of_Donkey posted...
I am not a poser. I love this genre unlike most people in this thread. I've spend 60% of my life playing these games and learning about them, they you have posers and bandwagoners because of FFVII thinking praising FFVI, Mother, DQV, Terranigma, PSIV, CT, Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 and many more because these kids were young or not born yet. It is irritating and disrespectful, like learn your history. I wish I was there when the original DQ, FF and PS dropped. I wish I was there to witness the greatest game evwr called DQIII dropping. I envy those people and then these kids have spit on their accomplishments.

Umm...I actually played quite a bit of those games myself. Mother, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana (Loved Dragon Warrior 3 myself and thought the create a party and personality mechanic was fun alone)

Although I admit I missed quite a few of them as I was born in 94 and didn't quite get into RPGs until my teen years and those those games aren't quite as easy to find nowadays. As well as quite a few of those games (especially Mother) didn't exactly have good marketing and the internet wasn't like it is now. Heck never even heard of Terranigma until now.

I would say the praise for FFVII comes from as well is it being the first Final Fantasy or JRPG game (keep in mind they were niche markets.) it's accomplishment of making JRPGs mainstream in the west. Which surprisingly is a pretty large market and it's influence on culture and the gaming industry is probably what makes FFVII best objectively. This was most likely done because FFVII had marketing and was a launch game for a highly successful console.

I am done with this thread.

Maybe you should calm down just a bit.

User Info: Seraphor

9 months ago#294
Finis-XII posted...
I just noticed Donkey is in purgatory. What did he do?

I heard he posted images of his genitals, and someone reported him thinking it was child pornography.

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User Info: MasterDarken

9 months ago#295
VII not being on the list makes the list inert already.

User Info: darkjeremie

9 months ago#296
Y'know at first I wanted to say VII but that couldn't be further from the truth since it's fanbase is mostly from overly nostalgic folks who played it as their first jRPG, if not RPG in their entire life and they cling to it all the time so it's more a matter of being unable to think that something is better. VI could be it but at the same time, those who thrashes on it typically have no understanding of why the game appeals to many fans and/or it's often as a result of irrational dislike just because it's one of the most popular games in the franchise so it makes their favorite look "bad" even though it doesn't.

The answer is every single games in the series have overly pretentious fans who think their game is the best in the series or even the best game of all time even though there's tons of other series and titles out there that are easily on par or superior when ignoring nostalgia and bias.

I suppose this little post qualifies me as a snob? My favorites are V and XI.
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User Info: tsunaxsawada10

9 months ago#297
Ghost_Of_Donkey posted...
tsunaxsawada10 posted...
1Tekkaman posted...
tsunaxsawada10 posted...
1Tekkaman posted...
Also the characters having little to no development is simply false. When WOR is clearly a full of sidequest about exploring every characters past and the reason why they became the character that they are now.

And aside from Locke, Terra, Cyan, and Celes they haven't changed appreciably since they initially joined up.

Their development that pretty much changed them is because of their past. Basically their past is where they basically change and why then never change from the present but instead continue to do what they need to do. In short their past is their development... Well that's what I think.

After the death of his father, Edgar does not want to be king but later in WOR he shows change. He fulfills his responsibility as king no matter what the danger he may face.

Shadow changed after his best friends death and Relm is pretty much connected to her so Relm's past is also Shadow's past.

Gau (not really a development) is pretty much hopeless since he was raised by monster since birth. The only thing we could know about is how he got there.

Hey that's still character development! Who says it need to be in the present?

Lazy to give reason to them all but basically only Umaro, Gogo and maybe Mog are the characters that doesn't really develop.

I think Mog has her lover Molulukilled but i think that didn't really change him but only sad about it.

Not really good at explaining stuff so I just hope you understand. But I get the feeling that you didn't.

Exposition regarding their pasts is not character development. Development requires that they change over the course of the story, and most of VI's cast do not.

Hmm... I guess some cast didn't really get that much exposure after all due to limitations and all. Still I stand by my opinion and still like the game as it is, VI did a lot more to the story and characters than IV and V after all and with VII improving some areas that need a bit more improving.

Still sad that VI has plenty of scenes removed due to limitations.

Edit: Oh, and FF is better than Zelda.

You're insane. Then again, most westerners think FF>>>>DQ and they are just people with bad taste.

But I'm not from the west...
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User Info: JohnThompson

9 months ago#298
Listen to IGN explain why FFVI is their favorite:


User Info: Romangelo

9 months ago#299
Screw IGN. Their opinions don't mean anything to me. As a FF fan, I probably know more than them. These guys might stop playing CoD for a few days to review newly released FFs and claimed to know about it, but I played these games more than them. Just FFXIV alone I played over 10,000 hours.

User Info: nEoQuIcKsiLvEr

9 months ago#300
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