Best FF Female Tournament Day 19: Rydia vs Fang

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User Info: Khrijunk

9 months ago#1
Which is the better character? - Results (51 votes)
Rydia (ff4)
68.63% (35 votes)
Fang (ff13)
31.37% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
With a fairly low turnout but still quite close, lulu managed to pull ahead of faris by a moogle doll and win 21 to 19. Today we will have two girls who are among the last of their kind.

Tournament Roster

Bracket 1
1 Terra
17 Rinoa

9 Faris
8 Lulu

Bracket 2
4 Rydia
13 Fang

12 Quistis
5 Rikku

Bracket 3
2 Yuna
15 Ashe

10 Fran
7 Beatrix

Bracket 4
3 Aerith
14 Lightning

11 Celes
6 Garnet
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User Info: donkeyjack

9 months ago#2
Top 5 - Nas, Kane, Jay-Z, Pac and Scarface

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

9 months ago#3
She's my favourite summoner, whereas Fang is my least favourite XIII character
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User Info: Peachi

9 months ago#4
VI > V > IX > VIII > X > IV > VII > XII > II > X-2 I > III > XIII-2 > XV > XIII > LR

User Info: 1Tekkaman

9 months ago#5
I'll take Rydia.
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User Info: Romangelo

9 months ago#6

User Info: YanDaMan263

9 months ago#7
lol @ Fang being so close when this should've been a blow out free win for Rydia.

User Info: Braev

9 months ago#8
Rydia easily.
There's a mystery to be uncovered here, that's for sure. And I get the feeling the truth is beyond my wildest imagination.

User Info: ExdeathVoidLord

9 months ago#9
The Official Exdeath of the Internet.

User Info: Hammer_of_Wrath

9 months ago#10
Come on Fang, I believe in you!
"Within everyone is the choice, the freedom to embrace cruelty or empathy." -Guthix
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