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User Info: TempestRyuno

10 months ago#11
It is.
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

10 months ago#12
TheUndeadCrow posted...
I did!

As I said in the poll topic, I want all the options but I chose hard mode because it could improve the game from start to finish, not just one part.

Basically, I want a reason to do New Game+. Going through the game again one-shotting everything isn't my idea of fun.

I'd be fine with a mode that scales all the enemies to your level or above it. How hard could that be to implement?

exactly this!
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User Info: FinalFantasyIV

10 months ago#13
wouldn't Hard mode make those other modes better anyway?

User Info: tonberrymasta

10 months ago#14
I voted for hard mode!

I have to admit tho, the Dark World was a tempting second choice.

User Info: xSaint_Bootx

10 months ago#15
Everything in this survey should have been in the game from the begining.

User Info: Flare1721

10 months ago#16
xSaint_Bootx posted...
Everything in this survey should have been in the game from the begining.

Everyone's been saying this. We know
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User Info: eaglei3

10 months ago#17
How would hard mode improve anything in this game? Your AI allies would just be made even more useless as they died quicker to harder hitting enemies.
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User Info: WhiteZeus

10 months ago#18
Should Hardmore really take that much development time to include it in a survey? i doubt it... I just hope hardmode will be for NG+ too and that my teammates don't die from magitek trooper farts...

User Info: YanDaMan263

10 months ago#19
Ahh yes let's vote "Hard Mode"

Because writing a basic conditional statement that increases enemy HP/Stats by 1.5x or whatever multiplier they want is SOOOOO difficult, while adding an item usage limit is equally hard!

This is something a single programmer can finish in a few hours, if even that long. Yet this is DLC and not in the game already, hilarious.

User Info: Jaime_Benn

10 months ago#20
Hard mode is like the easiest and laziest thing they could do. I don't even know why they listed it to be voted on...
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