Something I've noticed about defenders of this game

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User Info: ReverseZero

1 year ago#71
YonKitoTaoshibe posted...
90% of topics I've seen on this board have been topics that created by people who have no concept a middle-ground, often by people who think critique = hate and defense = rabid adoration.

That statistic was spontaneous asspull, but I'm sure this board's regulars know what I mean.
This might be the only game in recent years where I've been put on the spot by people to defend my stance on it, which has been "meh, it's decent, you could do a lot worse, decide for yourself."
The quality of individual aspects of this game are all over the place, and it's genuinely a case of how far down some of the problems will drag your overall opinion of the game. And that's pretty subjective. Also, the game is still awaiting further content, and if a once it's all released and the game hasn't improved or in fact gotten worse, I'll tear it a new a****** and then plow it like a wheat field.

A lot of the times though, people do blantantly hate and troll on this board. I mean, it's gamefaqs. Not saying that criticism never gets inflated with hate and defense but this board has it's trolls.

User Info: Tanthalas

1 year ago#72
mrhardy12 posted...
To each their own, I guess, but I legitimately fail to understand how "change setup, walk for 10+ hours until you get a new move, then do it again" is fun.

It's fun because I programmed the characters to do what I want them to do and because I programmed the game to do what I didn't want to do, while letting me have all the input that I wanted to have during combat.
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User Info: FutaiNoKiwami

1 year ago#73
I've completed this game twice. I've cried at the ending. It has been YEARS since a Final Fantasy could make me cry. Also, I will admit the story isn't perfect, it is better than the steaming mess that is the FFXIII Trilogy. I actually considered myself for a time to be a Masochist for playing through XIII-2, and Lightning Returns, especially when I learned that it is impossible for the latter two to exist beyond FFXIII because there are NO GODS OF TIME IN THE SERIES! That means the time Travel plot was impossible as Etro who was labeled as a Goddess of Time in XIII-2 was actually the Goddess of DEATH. And that is only the tip of the iceberg with the problems.

People can say what they want about how flawed FFXV's story was, but after the FFXIII's, the only way SE could go with Final Fantasy, story wise, is up.
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User Info: Suedehead92

1 year ago#74
Dirtyplatinum posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
I realize I've wasted a lot of time on this board post-release but I kind of understand why I've done so considering how I've never anticipated anything so much in my life.

That sentence perfectly encapsulates how sad your life is.

No s***. This guy needs to move the f*** on and get a hobby he enjoys.
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User Info: Einheir

1 year ago#75
I'm past pretty much anything the game has to offer, to the point I'm only farming AP for fun now, 150+ hours and I can definitely say I don't agree with those points, I don't think the camera is ass, neither that the side quests are boring plus the story was enjoyable to me, while lacking content I think the core is good.

Now on the dark side, I hate the loading times and how the story rushes towards the end, those things fixed and I would of thought this game was a ten-

User Info: Chaos_St33l

1 year ago#76
The art style is cool, combat is fun, magic(aga) is brutal, riding chocobos is fun.

The game is how I would imagine ff to be as a ARPG, it just lacks depth. The game was fun, and I liked it for the most part, I just hope they expand upon things in future titles if they follow the same route.
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User Info: TG_Wolf

1 year ago#77
I notice something about the people who think that other people care about their opinions enough to make topics expressing those opinions.

They all suffer from the same error.
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User Info: quakeknight1991

1 year ago#78
SuperValcrist posted...
quakeknight1991 posted...
SuperValcrist posted...
quakeknight1991 posted...
SuperValcrist posted...
Also my favorite kind of special snowflakes:

You don't like the game?



Snowflake, huh? I think it is far sadder spending your entire life trolling a board even months after the game came out.

And another snowflake.

AGAIN, discussing glaring flaws, is not trolling.

You have been in this board for several months bashing this game, you kept bashing it here even months after it came out. It is okay to to dislike a game and to say what you dislike about it. However spending your entire life in this board exclusively to trash it even months after the game came out is pure trolling. Normally if you hate a game you purchase you move on shortly after you finish it. But obviously that is not the case for you.

I also said many times that this game is a right stepr from FFXV, and mentioned stuff I do like about, but oversensitive fanboys don't see that. They only see their favorite gamu being bad mouthed.

"Over-sensitive"? I have already said users are free to state what they dislike about the game. I simply find tiring to see the very same users spam the board with the very same crap over and over again. It really is time for you guys to move on to something else.

User Info: theofficefan99

1 year ago#79
Dirtyplatinum posted...
theofficefan99 posted...
I realize I've wasted a lot of time on this board post-release but I kind of understand why I've done so considering how I've never anticipated anything so much in my life.

That sentence perfectly encapsulates how sad your life is.

Ugh I get so sad when a random guy on the internet judges my life
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User Info: MiniVirus2

1 year ago#80
theofficefan99 posted...
1. 90% of the people who defend the game haven't finished it yet. They are typically within Chapters 3-8
2. People who like the game typically say "yeah, the camera is ass, lock on is bad, the main story is crap, side quests are boring, etc but I really like the game!"

I just don't get it. Are a lot of people that enamored by the sight of any Open World game that they easily forgive so many blatant and, IMO, unforgivable flaws? The Open World in this game isn't even interesting and it's a pain in the ass to traverse, with boring car mechanics and awful load times, plus purposely padding out the game length with the way hunts are designed.

It's just interesting to me

Have you ever seen that girl/guy you know wouldn't be considered attractive by conventional standards, but just does something for you?

This is that. Not everyone expects perfection. Not everyone judges things with a strict set of benchmarks. Things don't have to be 100% perfection to be enjoyed.

Do I think the game is perfect? Nope, but I enjoyed it. I won't come.back to it, but it was worth a playthrough.

What I don't understand is why people will adamantly put down anyone who doesn't trash the game. There's a bigger problem there...
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