Rumour : 4chan FF Versus XIII Plot Leak

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User Info: zak234

1 year ago#1
The game centered about death, ghosts and hallucination/dreams. Noctis killed the female protagonist before the game started but he didn't remember. Ardyn was Noctis ancestor and he was responsible of the crystals disappearing over time (the only one left was Lucis crystal). Regis died in front of Noctis because his bodyguards betrayed him. The protagonists had to leave the capital because their nation lost the war.

The game didn't focus on summons that much (they still existed) and instead there were actual gods which didn't appear physically. One of the gods was the main antagonist of the first FF game. Each nation was inspired by a different capital of the world. The empire was using ghosts as weapons. Ravus wanted to kill Noctis for having killed her sister. The game ended in another dimension which was supposed to be their version of the after-life.

User Info: reidyboy102998

1 year ago#2
Saw this a while ago I think.
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User Info: GodXII

1 year ago#3
Nomura is terrible.

User Info: The_Freecs

1 year ago#4
I saw a different leak a while ago.

User Info: MEGAze

1 year ago#5
The #1 Sayaka-

User Info: Tkmajing

1 year ago#6
Thats not true, here is the real leak in detail.

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