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  3. Well this game was clearly rushed. Chapter 13 rant

User Info: meeecah

4 years ago#1
Chapter 13 is god awful. Pretty much everything past leviathan feels thrown together to make the game seem longer. The chapters are incredible short and narrow. This is a lot worse than MGS5.

To all the people saying this is the best final fantasy ever, do you remember playing the others?

This might be worse than 13. I didn't play 13-2 and 13-3 or the MMOs. Right now 15 is trending towards the bottom of the list.

User Info: MURPLE86

4 years ago#2
Zegnautus Keep almost made throw to the towel in not because it was hard but wow was it tedious

User Info: meeecah

4 years ago#3
MURPLE86 posted...
Zegnautus Keep almost made throw to the towel in not because it was hard but wow was it tedious

I'm with you there.

User Info: Mizerous

4 years ago#4
People really hate this chapter :/
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User Info: DullahanEX

4 years ago#5
Sorry, but no. One chapter shouldn't make it the worst ever, nor does suddenly null everything before and after it. Games nowhere that fickle. Lots of great and good games have one annoying part or another. Lots of people have gotten past that still find that was overall great experience.
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User Info: Mexoga

4 years ago#6
Completely agree. I mean, it's not the worst ever, but Ch.13 is the worst chapter in this game, for sure. It felt like such an adventure until that 3-hour long excursion through Zegnautus.

Was also looking forward to seeing more of the Imperial Army city but alas, there wasn't much to see except copy-pasted corridors. :/

And no Tenebrae? I was severely let down when I got to Tenebrae and it's just, walk a short distance, talk to a lady for plot s***, then go back on the train. WTH.

Definitely rushed. Definitely disappointing. I haven't beaten the game yet but I think I'm about to, tonight. :X
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User Info: NightEnigma

4 years ago#7
Chapter 13 is probably the worst thing I've played in a while. It's just s****y forced stealth with copy-pasted rooms. It was like something out of the PS2 era.

I don't understand how the hell somebody thought FF fans would enjoy something like that in 2016. The rest of the game is decent except the lackluster story.
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User Info: WEris

4 years ago#8
The ending makes up for all the bulls*** rushed stuff you have to go through from chapter 11 to 13.

I'm one of those people who really appreciated chapter 13 (hated it but liked that it was there) It's like old final fantasy of yonder, a part of the game who is TEDIOUS but willingly so, it's brave and if all the chapter before that were that well constructed in their intent we would have had a masterpiece in our hand. Unfortunately it's quite apparent they had to cut content out completely to meet the deadlines.

Anyway, I was seriously letdown by the game until chapter 14, but then from Insomnia onward it just went better and better until that glorious ending, which made me shed a tear, in its core this was a very solid experience, ruined by the poor time tabata had to fix the project.

User Info: Hysterious

4 years ago#9
They need to fix it.

User Info: Flamechamp2333

4 years ago#10
im thinking this game is worse than ff13 as well. This is not a bad game, but it just has so many damn flaws that is underwhelming me on my first playthrough. In no way in hell can I ever see myself playing this game a second time. The world is poor for an RPG world, maybe the worst I've ever seen. The presentation and pacing of the story is just god awful.

I can only give this game a 6/10, 7/10 at best.
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