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User Info: Jzx1103

3 years ago#1
Leak came from Japan and leaker claims to be a FF XV CG artist

Ardyn is a messenger of Chaos who was to sent to Eos so that he could prepare for the revival of Chaos. Chaos is the one who is controlling the Plague of the Stars and wants to destroy Eos the Goddess for imprisoning him.
Ardyn then uses the anger and hate growing within Ravus to prepare him to be a vessel to resurrect Chaos. But before that, Ravus whose anger is only going stronger fights Noctis, but loses and snaps out of Ardyns control. Realizing what he had become, to protect Luna and redeem himself for his mistakes he agrees to help Noctis to defeat Ardyn. Ravus returns to Ardyn in an attempt to kill him, but it backfires, allowing Ardyn to regain control over Ravus making him stronger than before.
Ardyn helps Noctis to gain the trust of every summon so that Noctis can bring all the Archeans to Chaos, so that he can either control/kill them in a single strike. Noctis who assumes it's his destiny pacts with every Archean, but Chaos uses this to his own advantage.

Ravus and Noctis who is with Luna meet for another time, but this time Ardyn is there with him completing the ritual to resurrect Chaos. Chaos now in the body of Ravus, kills Luna to anger Noctis. The anger and pain of losing both his loved ones, his powers overflows him. After a chaotic battle, Noctis is defeated falling into a deep coma.

10 years pass, Noctis reawakens by a calling from Luna, telling Noctis that his destiny is yet fulfilled. Noctis and his comrades makes a return to Insomnia where Chaos is residing. Outside the Capital square, they meet Chaos taunting them. After a short fight, Chaos retreats and Noctis makes their way into the building.
At the throne, they see Iedolas sitting on the throne, dying. He said that Ardyn had promised him eternal life so that he could rule as the King of Lucis gaining it's powers, but had realized he was only being used. Having gained his dream of ruling Lucis, Iedolas dies.

But from the shadows, a shocking figure emerges. King Regis appears in front of Noctis, only it's a former shell of what he once was. Chaos had resurrected a empty shell of Regis from his corpse.
Noctis and Regis fights, where Noctis is confused by his emotions. But ultimately kills the shell of his former father, but Regis had retained some of his former self telling Noctis that he loves him and he should fight not for his father, but to save everyone, for the future.
Noctis then aims his blade at Chaos for the final fight, but Chaos drains the power of the crystal to gain tremendous power. Noctis who is then struggling to continue, Luna appears and with her powers and of the Archeans, is able to defeat Chaos.

Ardyn watches over everything as if he enjoys it. He tells Noctis that everything was just a game for him, angering Noctis driving his blade into Ardyns chest.

Years later, Insomnia is being rebuilt and Noctis is seen sitting on the throne.


User Info: drbretto

3 years ago#2
Took about 3 seconds to see it was another one trying to counter the existing leak.

Edit: reading further, seriously, this dude just read all the threads and alternative theories from people denying the original leaks and compiled all into one "tell em what they want to hear" jumble of "predictions".

That's not Ifrit! That's Chaos! And the original leaker didn't even mention the plague of stars@!

"Ardyn is an agent of Chaos, who is responsible for the plague of stars"

lol... Just saw the "source" lol
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User Info: h_durao

3 years ago#3
Nice one

I'll make my own leak this weekend, please be excited
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User Info: llazy77

3 years ago#4
All leaks are fake stop it.

User Info: Hoan_Solo

3 years ago#5
"One who knows nothing, can understand nothing."

User Info: hyperdimeduck

3 years ago#6
This sounds like a plot from a Fire Emblem game. (in general)
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User Info: drbretto

3 years ago#7
llazy77 posted...
All leaks are fake stop it.

definitely not all.
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User Info: GabranthXIII

3 years ago#8
It's a masterpiece! GOTY.
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User Info: _Dim_

3 years ago#9
this is the worst leak so far lol.

User Info: lostn

3 years ago#10
I doubt it came from a CG artist, because that would make it very easy to identify him and sack him.

But the details are consistent with the 4chan leaks. It sounds plausible to me.

Unlike a lot of fake leaks, this is very specific. That's unusual. Leaks (esp fake) tend to be very vague so that the author can shape and meld it to fit the final product.

It's not a certainty I'm going to accept it as real until proven otherwise.

I do think this story is full of tropes and cliches though. The "girl who saves the world from beyond the grave" has been done a lot. If you can do all this while being dead, it makes dying almost meaningless.
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