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User Info: PostDisaster

5 years ago#1

lol this vid. The FNC MAY continue. MAY not even WILL. but MAY

User Info: gamewarrior88

5 years ago#2
*face palm* Yeah, that pretty much encapsulates what is wrong at SE these days.

"MAY continue" (FNC future)
"Info MAY come soon" (FFXHD)
"Work MAY happen in the near future" (KHIII)

"We MAY do something...we just don't know yet."

Seriously, and this all coming from a man who has been involved in some of the most memorable RPGs of all time. Wow how the mighty have fallen.
In this world, there was only one way...the Valmanway. But now, there is a better way...the Valmanway +1.

User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#3
"Please be patient for a future announcement about whether Versus XIII still exists."
"Happiness is nature's way of telling human resources you're overpaid." - Catbert

User Info: Ecclesiastes273

5 years ago#4
It's funny because he's talking to customers.

I haven't seen such non-commital language outside of a mortgage modification scam service agreement, and they're actively trying to rob you.

EDIT: "He" being both Kitase and the reporter, with the distinction that the reporter isn't liable, just stating sad facts.
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