Square Enix's Jump Festa 2013 Line Up!

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User Info: Cyber_Boy94

5 years ago#11
matt091282 posted...
Exentryk posted...
Thamauturge posted...
Yeah, I am really looking forward to new KH HD info.

It's only for Japan, for now.

Yeah. I find it hard to believe they'd keep an HD Collection of Kingdom Hearts games in Japan only, though. Those games were huge. Too much money to be made for them not to do it.

I think there was a tiny hint that it's coming over to the west too.
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User Info: Exentryk

5 years ago#12
It definitely will be announced for the west, eventually.
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User Info: matt091282

5 years ago#13
What other game was in that? I know it was the Final Mix version of the first game, right? What was the second game? I know it wasn't KH2, was it a different sequel?

User Info: SolaFide

5 years ago#14
From: Exentryk | #009
It's only for Japan, for now.

I know. And in the sad even that this situation remains until the release, then I will happily continue to play my copies of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. I don't really have much to lose.
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User Info: Wiegraf2

5 years ago#15
Well guys, at least on the bright side... nevermind there isn't one :P

User Info: materia101

5 years ago#16
From: zUkUu | #003
this is getting beyond Duke Nukem Forever levels.

Woo-hoo we're half way there!

From: Cyber_Boy94 | #006
Thamauturge posted...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX (PS3)
Dragon Quest VII (3DS)
Dragon Quest X (Wii U)
Gyrozetter (3DS)

Aren't you guys pumped for FFXIII-3?

Wooo something I can be excited about.

^ This.

But still no FFXHD. :(
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User Info: BIG_C_4_LIFE

5 years ago#17
I ain't even mad at no Versus.
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User Info: PillsberyDoeMan

5 years ago#18
BIG_C_4_LIFE posted...
I ain't even mad at no Versus.

this should be a meme >_>.

ay, i just realized. jumpfesta takes place on the 22-23. that's right after the end of the world. if we survive, we may be treated to some v13 info. yay!
and i REALLY hope 13-3 impresses. it's the least that company can do.
impatiently waiting on versus xiii... -> EDIT: not so much anymore... (4/28/11)
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User Info: VanilleHopen

5 years ago#19
versus is not going to be shown in january lol... it probably wont be shown again until LR comes out.
Hope misses Vanille's smile :(.

User Info: ZanarkandZ

5 years ago#20
Meh I'll be excited about KH HD collection when it comes out in the west. I supposed the 2nd hd collection will have KH2, Birth by sleep and DDD when it is actually announced ?

About FFX HD I wonderwhat's taking them so long. If I was SE though I'd make it a FFX, X-2 International and Last Mission and XII HD collection and for more 15€ a special version that contained FFVII to IX, but I think that's too much to ask from them :(

I don't feel like paying 40€ for a game I beaten thousands of times
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