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psxphreak 8 years ago#1
You dismissed Aryllies claim as if youre the authority on Square Enix and the Final Fantasy brand. Guess what? Youre not. Stop dismissing information as if it isnt true, especially in a case like this where it is. Im honestly surprised nobody on NeoGaf has actually called you out on this, because there are a couple people who post on Gaf that are working on the localization (and have been playing stupid about it for a good 6 months now..). Then again, NDAs arent worth breaking at the risk of losing business (and possible deportation as a result), as juicy as the info might be.

So here we go..

As of last week, the game known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown behind closed doors to people from Gamestop Corporate, along with Final Fantasy X HD Collection, FFXIII:LR (which is coming sooner than you think) and Final Fantasy XIV:RR. Marketing for Lightning Returns is going to startup sometime in April, so be on the lookout for that.

Final Fantasy XIV is a Playstation 3 title, will have a redemption code for the PS4 downloadable version at no extra charge. There are no plans for a full retail release of XIV on PS4.

The releases of LR, FFXIV AND Versus will be no longer than 3-4 months apart from one another, starting with LR. The idea is to re-establish the FF brand on the current platforms to generate interest/hype for the Next-Gen title which is in its infancy right now.

Final Fantasy "VERSUS XIII" pre-production began almost 4 years ago. The reason why its taken so long is due to a number of things, including manpower/resources being re-allocated to help finish Crystal Tools, work on FFXIV's re-working and work on the Luminous Engine. The game is NO LONGER AN ACTION-RPG. Its more in-line with traditional Final Fantasy and has been described to me as a combination of FFXII and the Classic ATB. seen in the older games. Still a Playstation 3 exclusive (you can thank/hate Sony for that) and is slated to release this Winter in Japan and North America (sorry Europe.) The game being shown for PS4 is NOT FFVXIII. Voice Recording sessions for the Japanese version have been happening in waves for awhile now, and actually finished up last month. Sessions for the English voice cast are slated to start sometime in July, although some work is being done in advance preparation for the E3 Trailer.

Speaking of which, expect Square to hold their own E3 briefing, for the first time in recent memory. There is simply too much to announce between the internally-developed titles and the Eidos stuff. "Versus" wont be playable until the Fall TGS. Dont expect much to be shown about the game leading up to its release, in terms of content. Theyre taking the FFVII approach with this one and not letting too much be known about the Game World prior to release, including the antagonist's identity.

And a quick note about the Vita/3DS. Dont expect any Square Enix retail releases on Vita aside from FFX. Square has very little confidence in the platform and the only reason X is seeing a Vita release is because its cost-efficient. Almost ALL of Square Enix's support will be focused towards 3DS/iOS. In fact, there isnt even a dedicated team working on Vita titles internally. FFX is being farmed-out.

Feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it over the next couple of months, starting next month when marketing begins for LR. As more info leaks out, the credibility of this post will also increase (and Aryllies).
psxphreak 8 years ago#2
Remember, just because you know people, doesnt mean you KNOW. And knowing people in the US Branch isnt something you can use to discredit "rumors". Communication between whats happening internally over at SQE Japan and the US Branch is minimal. If Kagari does in fact have connections, theyre not very informed ones. PR people and low-level community managers dont count as "sources". People on the development side however, do.

Remember, keep this post bookmarked.

Looking forward to playing Final Fantasy X again this Summer...before E3 ; )
AeoxEternal 8 years ago#3
If this game isn't an action rpg, I'm not even giving it a chance. That was what attracted me to the gameplay in the first place. Ridiculous.
I don't want to believe you at all, but your info seems credible. I just HATE the idea of it having ATB. Then again, I've still got to see it to believe it, so I guess we'll find out if you're just a hack wasting my energy or if you truly are informative.
Exentryk 8 years ago#4
Veni, Vidi, Dormivi.
MonkeySeraph 8 years ago#5
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Rose_of_May 8 years ago#6
This all sounds...wow.

I want to believe! 0-0.
Zendaik 8 years ago#7
"Final Fantasy XIV is a Playstation 3 title, will have a redemption code for the PS4 downloadable version at no extra charge."

How does this work? PS3 titles can't be played on PS4. If you mean there's a digital PS4 version, why wouldn't they release it at retail too?

Versus not being an action RPG anymore would be highly disappointing if true.
Exentryk 8 years ago#8
Hold on a sec... Versus is NOT AN ACTION RPG???!!!

If the battle system is not like Kingdom Hearts, then I give up. =/
Veni, Vidi, Dormivi.
VanilleHopen 8 years ago#9
this would be awesome if it were true. Not a huge fan of action rpgs, and ffxii's style is right up my alley.
Final Fantasy now refuses to acknowledge its Japanese roots.. A traitor to their own country. They have officially sold out :(..
Kumori_no_Yoru 8 years ago#10
Doubt many are going to believe you without a hint of proof...

Anyway, interested in seeing the response to this.
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