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User Info: crocodile_smile

10 years ago#1
So aside from the gaps, I have this game like 95% completed. Right now I'm doing the Classic Goals on the Fun Park level and all I have left is to stall on the five balloons. So I did a run and got one group down, then ran out of time. I started another run and went to put the same ones down again, but they were already down, so I went to the next ones. I think I got one group in each two minute run, but every time it said "1 of 5 down" and when I finally had them all on the ground the goal was still not complete. I guess you have to do them all in one run, but how the hell do I do that when they're all on the ground already? I tried stalling all five while they're on the ground, that didn't work either. I know somebody out there has to have gone through this, throw me a bone here.
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