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  3. Glitches. and loading problems.

User Info: monkeygal247

11 years ago#1

There are too many glitches. One is really bad that the capital dude asks you to do... I'm not sure quite how to explain it.....sorry.

Sometimes it gives you random sponsors you didn't deserve, so when you actually are supposed to get that sponsor, (or the game glitches out and randomly gives it to you again) you get an email again. It can come like- every ten minutes so be careful.


FYI-This game can't take a tiny scratch.

But it's fun. Just not as good as American Wasteland..... and not many different clothes and faces and hairstyles. Which kinda sucks. For me, anyway. But, again it's fun. But I don't want to go off topic about fun stuff, because the point of this is to let you know about glitches. and problems.

SO, is there any more problems? or glitches?

User Info: xymbalreborn

10 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: minimme

10 years ago#3
so i shouldnt buy it?

User Info: steeleye5

10 years ago#4
i rented it, i actually might rent it again, but this time the psp version, or maybe the ps2 version so i can finish getting the gaps, but i thought it was a good game, but proving ground, thats another story. i just wonder what the next game's gonna be like.
if a double play is a pitchers best friend then wats a triple play
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  3. Glitches. and loading problems.
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