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  3. We need another cod on the PSP!

User Info: TehPwnerer46

9 years ago#1

We need another cod on the PSP! The ds gets like cod:WAW and cod: mobilized. Us psp owners need another call of duty and preferably a GOOD one!

User Info: NiNJa_NiZZLe

9 years ago#2
I agree. The DS gets some favoritism here even though that machine isn't as suited for FPS as the PSP. I really couldn't be bothered to play the DS CODs due to being forced to use the touch screen to aim, that just feels so lame and wrong to me. if you could have a custom config and aim with the buttons like Medal Of Honor I would play them, and this is why we need a new COD for PSP.
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User Info: xXTHETMANXx

9 years ago#3
Yes we definetly do need another PSP CoD
One with multiplayer aswell, ad maybe the PSN can bring new stuff?
Only time will tell.....I hope
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User Info: tpeeple1

9 years ago#4

I agree, a new Call of Duty for the psp.

It needs:

A good amount of control schemes

Longer intense Campaign (at least 15 hrs)

Online Gameplay ( no modders of course)

Longer missions (checkpoints optional)

User Info: Ashley_wwe

9 years ago#5
Yeah! it would be cool to have a second Call Of Duty on the PSP. It would be awesome if it was still based in my favourite FPS timeline... WWII. But a Modern Warfare sub-story that branches off from the main storyline would be cool too!

User Info: gamefreak0325

9 years ago#6
i honestly don't get it. why would they put cod:WAW and 4 on the crappy ds!!!!!!!!!!! why not the psp?
it has better graphics they will obviously get more money out of it .......soooo why!!!!???

User Info: ReyMilansteryo

9 years ago#7
i totally agree, DS is ****
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