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User Info: Meddle2K

12 years ago#1
I know this is a long shot for me to ask a question on this board seeing how it's totally dead, but i'll try my luck anyways....

To start things off, I have Medal of Honor: Heroes 1&2, and i'm considering getting COD as well, both WWII games, so i'm assuming the gameplay is pretty similar as far as the weapons go. But I still just want to ask in advance exactly which guns I will be using in this game. Not to say it will affect my decision in the end, but just curious.

Also, since I'm starting a topic about a FPS game I might as well ask one more question that's been on my mind...

Is MOHH and COD:R2V the only games on PSP that uses ADS (Aim Down Sight) realistically like in COD4? Not just a scope mode like in Coded Arms, Rainbow Six Vegas, or even Socom. I want to aim through the sights of the gun in a FPS.

Thanks for any help :)
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