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User Info: krasskommentz

10 years ago#1
Hey, I'm a college student huge sports fan, currently enrolled in a class about Journalism. Working on a semester-long project on female newscasters, which are a topic in the news. (see Erin Andrews on Google search). Anyway, i'm breaking this down into Female sportscasters and sportswriters.

Do u think they are more accepted now, than they were ten years ago? (If you're older, what about 30
years ago?) Do you still prefer Chris Berman over Hannah Storm? Is Erin Andrews nothing more than sideline eye candy or do you consider her a sports journalist? It's things like this that I'm attempting to find out and if you'd be willing to answer the following questions I'd really appreciate your


1. First Name (I'd like to be able to quote you. Using your internet handle would make it look like I was making things up, as my teacher is a stickler on this stuff) 2. Age (I think the age demographic, like 18-25 or 26-30, will be very important on this project) 3. Name your favorite female sportscasters/sportswriters. (Maximum 10) Name their country, if outside U.S.

4. Why do you like these women? Do you consider them 'ladies'? 5. What do you think the pros and cons of female sportscasters and sportswriters are? 6. Do you still enjoy men doing both play-by-play and color commentary on games or would you like hearing a woman do play by play and analysis? 7. Name any 10 Female sportscasters/sportswriters that you dislike. Give reasons.

8. Do you think there's a place in sports casting and sports writing for women? Or do you believe that the press boxes and broadcast booths are still strictly for men? Explain.

Once I get enough responses, I think I'll be able to put together a pretty good paper and presentation.
I'll let you know the poll results with a private msg, if you wish.

I'll post my grade & the teacher's comments when this is through. You are more than welcome to use this for YOUR own project, in high school or college.

Thanking you in advance for your input,
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