I'm new to the game.

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User Info: TheWonder232

9 years ago#1
Ok I bought this game today, and I love it, but I'm having questions.

1. How do you unlock new songs?

2. I thought Genki Rockets was in the game is she? I thought Breeze was in it.

User Info: UnknownMerc

9 years ago#2
once you unlock them in the main play mode (I forget what it's called) you'll get them in skin mode

pretty good incentive to go for those high scores
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User Info: maoric

9 years ago#3
Reach the skin in the challenge modes, or complete special objectives for special skins (they're listed in the cheat section).

The Genki Rockets skin is Heavenly Star, and you can reach it via Challenge Mode A.
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  3. I'm new to the game.

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