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User Info: PruetteBoyTJ

10 years ago#1
Is this game a PS only title? I was looking for a good atv game and I have a 360. But I remember having the 2nd game and how awesome the free roam was. But I planned on buying the original xbox version only apparently it was never made for xbox.

Is this true. If so that sucks. I don't like any of the new atv games.
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User Info: cornerback3

10 years ago#2
Yes, the ATV Offroad Fury series is only on the PS2. But there is a game called MX vs. ATV Unleashed on the original xbox. It got really similar reviews the AVT Offroad Fury 4. So I suggest getting that, or looking at the game Pure for the xbox360 (an atv offroad racing game, probably the best out for the new systems so far). Of course that would cost a lot more than getting the other one I mentioned for the xbox, but it's your call.
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