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User Info: AshC

9 years ago#1


I've installed C&C Tiberium Wars on my PC and when I click to play I get "DirectX Error" message in a box and it says:

"Please make sure you have DirectX 9.0 or higher installed. Also verify that your video card meets the minimum requirements. and that you do not have hardware acceleration disabled in the Display control panel."

Well as far as I know I have DirectX 9.0 or higher, and my Graphic Cards is a NVidia GeForce 9800 GX2.

I've played other games (Bioshock, Crysis and COD 4) with no problem at all.

Can anyone help? and how do I check to see if I have Hardware acceleration disabled on.

Please help!!!

User Info: RichPlaystation

9 years ago#2
Here is a guide to doing just that:

I'll have to assume that it's the same on Vista (if that IS what you have) as opposed to XP, so this guide should work for you either way.

Get back to me and tell me if it works :-)

User Info: RichPlaystation

9 years ago#3
Hmm a strange thing I have come across, there doesn't appear to BE any setting to turn off hardware acceleration on Vista at all!
But then I run C&C3 and Kanes Wrath on Vista and they work fine (even if I have to turn all the graphics and stuff to low/off) but then that is my laptops problem.

User Info: AshC

9 years ago#4
No luck my Friend.

User Info: RichPlaystation

9 years ago#5
Right, but as I said following up there are no options to turn it off in Vista so that can't be the problem.
Only other things are check you have definitely got Direct X 9.0 OR higher, and that your graphics card is compatible with the game I guess.

User Info: AshC

9 years ago#6

I've sorted it Rich. When I put the disc in it gave me a load of options, one of them being "check for updates", which I did and after seemingly hours of downloading it now works fine.

Thanks for you input mate. Appreciate it.


User Info: RichPlaystation

9 years ago#7
Glad to have helped, anything for a fellow Brother of Kane :-)

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