Gil'ead problem

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User Info: saturn16

10 years ago#1
Okay, is it me or is the only game guide offered NOT HELPFUL? Every arrow I fire won't hit the second bell above the horses stable. I tried all different ways of doing it, regular arrow, fire arrow, standing on different places on the beam. What am I doing wrong?

User Info: itcheyness

10 years ago#2
You're playing a game made solely as a search for more money.

Quit while you can
How I feel about the superbowl

User Info: SSBMFFX22

10 years ago#3
i agree and dude my suggestion if you ever become a serial killer go after the people who put this on the market. (that was a joke by the way dont do it)
"ill fong you all!" "pain lots of pain!!!"
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