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  3. Having trouble beating Blade's sim on hard (he's terrible)

User Info: joventino

13 years ago#1
He's easily the worst character among everyone

I had issues with a few other characters missions but I beat them all in one or two shots

I've already died to Dark Spider-Man 3x now and didn't even come close to getting his health to half

Blade just sucks - his abilities are too weak, he's too slow to be a melee character and he's not that tough, physically

Each punch Dark Spidey throws takes out a lot of my health

Any tips on beating him without having to resort to bumping up my defense to max? Any good accessories or power combos?

User Info: BlazingxPaddles

13 years ago#2
blade's abilities do indeed suck.

I used Blackhearts attachment (forgot the technical name, Blackhearts something or other)

and stuck mostly to his blade slash and melee, while using blood haze without prejudice.

I nearly got the gold, I think I was a few hundred short and ended up with the silver on my first try. it sucked so bad, I didn't want to go back for the gold. he's one of three or four characters I couldn't stomach going for the gold with.

User Info: overcracker

13 years ago#3
Personally I like Blade. He's not as bad as most claim, yet he's not the easiest character to play with.

The basic strategy would be to level up Gun Blast as much as possible, take points from other powers if you need to. And one other power. Blood of the Warrior may come in handy, if you can stay away from Spider-Man while it does its Health Regen bit, and just shoot him with Gun Blast. Otherwise the increased damage you take will be the death of you.

You may also want Spike of Destruction though I don't personally use it.

To start kill all enemies quickly. Use the sword of the first Fire giant to speedup the process.

When you reach the end, kill the small enemies before getting to close to the last Fire Giant you want to keep far away enough so he doesn't activate and comes after you.

Once you are left with only the last fire giant, attack him until he's about to die, at that point take his sword and kill him.

Walk into the fight with Dark Spider-Man and let it rip with the sword. You should be able to bring him down to about 50% health before the sword expires. This should let you kill of Spider-Man fast enough for the time left to add up nicely towards the 20,000 points.

Then its all down to gun Blast and avoiding his attacks. He telegraphs his moves so you should be able to move away from him before he punches you. The only annoying bit is his Web up attack. As you'll be immobilized for a moment. Long enough for him to pummel on you.

There are some jars around the area, keep them intact since they contain some health orbs you may need at some point. If you find yourself low on health cast the Blood of Warrior to use its Health Regen abilities

You will want to use Ultimate or Nightstalker outfits for the Health Regen alone. the added Weapon damage is a bonus for the Nightstalker outfit.

When you see him rear back get out of the way as he is going to punch, You should be able to attack him while he's swiping at the air then.

As for Gear: use any good personalized item you have, or use Asgard Armor or Dark Uru Hammer. You may also want to use Black Heart's Corruption for the health benefit.

"I thought this game was called: Deadpool and his Inferior Friends "

User Info: joventino

13 years ago#4
Mephisto's Realm is indeed the hardest sim to play on

I had loads of difficulty with Iceman too, it's a miracle how I managed to do it

User Info: joventino

13 years ago#5
Anyhow, I just beat it

Quite easily too, didn't know what took me this long to do it

All I did was use the Blood of the Warrior skill (his best and only good one by far) and just pummeled him

I also ran back to get the giant sword from the fire demon and combined with the Warrior buff, wrecked close to 1/4 of his health within a few seconds

He was quite predictable so it was easy to just run behind him and pummel him as he went for his 1-2-3 combo punches

Pretty much the whole story

After this playthrough, Blade isn't so bad after all provided you use his Blood of the Warrior skill all the time, he can be a pretty mean melee fighter

Gun Blast is fun to spam too just because it repels those annoying demon leapers (please to god, i don't want to see another one in the sequel)
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