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  3. favorite way to play the game

User Info: Punda_Prime

8 years ago#1
My favorite way is to play through on pro with the goal of getting silent assassin on each level but being willing to salvage the mission if need be, trying to focus on least number of witnesses first then minimizing collateral damage. If anyone else has ideas to increase the life of this game while we wait for absolution please post up.
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User Info: Keby

8 years ago#2
Suit only runs was a lot of fun for me, makes things harder and requires more precise planning.
Here's my vids for all levels pro SA suit only:


I also like to focus on accidents rather than kills, less evidence if there was a theoretical investigator.

User Info: PressStart101

8 years ago#3
I like doing missions in an easy, quick, way while avoiding risky situations
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User Info: andyfournier9

8 years ago#4
I try to silently kill every single person on a level...I usually run into a bit of trouble but it gets fun when problems arise

User Info: QB_gullygamer

7 years ago#5
^ I have actually killed a good majority of individuals in the elevator trap on You Better Watch Out. On pro. I got 47 kills this way too without ever setting off an alarm. Just suspicion. Keep the bodies on the elevator roof, none the wiser. Shoot the bottom of the hottub on the way out completes your objective too.
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User Info: HELLWOLF06

7 years ago#6
On you better watch out try to kill as mny people a possible with knives with out arousing any suspicion (bonus points for getting the bartender with out being seen)

on the mississipi try throw as many people over board as possible

on highly crodwed levels (not murder of crows) try kill as many people as possible with a single RU mine (the AI in teh streets of MoC dont add up to the kill count :/)

use every weapon on the level at least twice and see what the newspaper says

(rather interesting when you have 25 shots fired no misses and the weapon of choice "may of been a poison injection")
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  3. favorite way to play the game
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