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User Info: RandomFellow

4 years ago#1
Con the Club

Hello! I'm new to this club, but in a half hour, I will have beaten you all, and become president, only to take the free upgrade or car, and never look back.

No money fools!!!

Hello, I just got dropped off at the v-rent, so I'll rent a car for 10 minutes, and you'll never see me come back, rip offs!

U kiddin' me?!!

WHAT? 2,000,000 dollars for a Ford Cobra? I could buy 1/4 of the houses in this game for that price!!

You real, Realtors?!

U want 10 million dollars for the same house, which costs 1 million about 10 miles away?! Naw!
And why do I buy more than 4 houses, when I win them all at the viaggo grande series!! You're going outta biznis bi*chis!

Foolish After Markets

HA! You guyz is going to be killed after I rip you guys off about half a million dollars worth of free upgrades!

Get lost paint shops!

10,000 dollars for a new paint job?!! When I got the exact color I wanted when I bought it!


Hey man, that car bumped into me, but after only five arrests, I'm going to have to dump my life savings only to get you guys more donuts!!!!


I love bashing into vehicles, only to watch them fly about 60 feet in the air, then slam into a building, then keep rolling along as if nothing happened.
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