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User Info: SharkRacer140

10 years ago#1
I've been playing this game almost exclusively for about a month now, and while I am surprised and very impressed with some aspects of the game, I am confused about something:

If a race is supposed to be relegated to "E" Class cars, why are there "D" Class opponent cars?

BTW, for those of you who have not beaten the game yet, avoid the Noble M400. I am a car guy so I am quite familiar with Nobles and their impressive performance. However, the M400 I purchased with my hard-earned credits was exchanged the next day. It was quite quick, but despite being MR, I found my "C" Class Aston Martin AMV8 handled better and was faster. The Noble is a cheap "B" entry, but you will pay for it against Hard competition, even with Level 3 Power Pack.

And I'm not a long way into the game yet, I know that visual customization isn't in this game, however, the manual states that some upgrades purchased will change the look of a car. I've upgraded six cars so far, and no changes yet. What cars, if any, are actually visually affected by purchasing upgrades?
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User Info: jamieeng

10 years ago#2
=/ The M400 is my second-best class B car, and I've done all the races and I have about 70-80%. But it's not as good as the Mercedes AMG ... car, that is better...but the M400 is still a joy to drive...
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