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User Info: jamieeng

11 years ago#11
Triangle], [Circle], [L1], [R1], [Triangle]: Tons of money and all cars.
I put it in the menu saying Start New game
Load game

What have I done wrong?

User Info: Cyborg_Mantis

11 years ago#12
"the physics of the car are more like of Gran Turismo"

You slay me. They're nowhere close to GT's physics (you can't do donuts in GT, for one)! NFS Hot Pursuit 2 is probably the closest I can think of. I can't stand how people think TDU's a simulator.

The graphics in TDU do suck compared to a lot of other PS2 games out there, but considering its size, I definitely forgive it. Only the cars surpass even San Andreas.
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User Info: alex72886

11 years ago#13
since when did i say that TDU is a simulator?all i said was that the car physics are more like Gran Turismo's, that's what I felt when I played this game...please read carefully next time
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User Info: KEEWI

11 years ago#14
uhh no offence guys but that cheat code DOESNT work. and easy ( for me) is to easy and although medium is that hard, the traffic is worse.

User Info: mynamei

11 years ago#15
this game has an awesome car line up but there are no ferraris and porches
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