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User Info: jamieeng

11 years ago#1
Hey guys,
I have accesed a weird glitch on the game.
Here it is:

Game: Test Drive Unlimited
Console: PS2
Race track: Hanuama Bay
Length: 1.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Car: Alfa Romeo GT V6
The glitch: As I was in easy mode, I got off to a flying start, getting 1st on the 1st/2nd corners. I was constantly pulling away, but then came along a weird glitch: on the 1st/2nd corners (where I took the lead on lap 1), a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69 was stranded on the inside of corners 1/2 on the grass. This is just about impossible, or it should be, because your car can't take damage in this game. And don't say ''the car might wrecked'', because he was stopped on green, lush, fluffy grass.
Oh, and here are the results:

-----------------------------PLAYER 1 3:36.568
------------------------------AC 289 2 4:13.235
-----------------Ford Mustang GT 3 4:22.745
----------------Alfa Romeo GT V6 4 4:26.949
------------Jaguar Type E Coupe 5 4:40.564
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 69 -- --

Anyone else experienced this 'impossible' happening?

User Info: i_am_the_driver

11 years ago#2
yeah i had it once

User Info: KEEWI

11 years ago#3
I dont get it??? so it was racing you, but somehow crashed???

User Info: racerboy09

11 years ago#4
is the race only for E-class cars because the ;lowest grade car i have is C-class

User Info: jamieeng

11 years ago#5
No D's or E's? Get urself a Mercedes and a Ford Mustang =P
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