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User Info: OmenIWF

8 years ago#1

I understand where reviewers that have slated this game are coming from, and I know it is more like a PS2 game than a PS3 game, but while it may not be the greatest game around, I honestly do not think it is really that bad a game, I think a 6/10 type score is fair but have seen it get some really abysmal scores which I feel are a little unfair.

User Info: Dreadnought190

8 years ago#2
I agree. It may not be a revolutionary game, but it still has it's fun, lots of blowing stuff up, explosions, high speed car chases and stuff. Sure, it's not a "great" game, but it's not abysmal. I'd say about a 6.5/10 is fair.
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User Info: DemonsSouls

8 years ago#3
i didnt like it
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