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  3. Is This Game Nothing But Driving?

User Info: Cyclone1984

11 years ago#1
I am looking for a good action game but I don't want just be driving the whole.

User Info: NYEM

11 years ago#2
Nope, there is on foot shooting as well. I picked it up for $20 new at gamestop and its pretty fun.
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User Info: Zzombielemur

11 years ago#3
I got the same deal. It's short and the on foot parts aren't nearly as fun, but it was totally worth 20 bucks.
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User Info: FredCat07

11 years ago#4
Like in Demo, I went on foot for short time, had to steal other car for escape at first mission
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User Info: gta3mobster

11 years ago#5
Game is fun I like how its a real city

User Info: xsilentshadowx

11 years ago#6
Yeah, the shooting parts are pretty short. Vareity of guns is "ok" but i like jumping car to car or getting in a tanker and destroying everything.

User Info: L0Z

11 years ago#7
physics are unrealistic. I was in an SUV and hit a cop car in mid air. Both cars blew up and Vin Diesel lived

User Info: halomstr31

11 years ago#8
well of course vin deisel lived lmao he always does
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