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User Info: tymetwister

11 years ago#1

Is there something I have to do differently to get 5 stars? I can only get 4 stars no matter how hard I try... I've taken over big trucks and demolished police cars to no end, shot out their tires, destroyed other cars on the road, but it never gets to 5 stars...

User Info: markotik

11 years ago#2
try shooting at a police helicopter when its close...

I think thats what my mate was going on about when I asked him - I dunno if you can take it out or just p**s it off but maybe try it it if you havent already.

User Info: KabutoHunter

11 years ago#3
The way you get up to 5 stars is by shooting police officers. No amount of destruction of carjacking will get you there. The way I went for the 5 minute accomplishment was by ducking into the subway hideout of that one gang you cleared out. The maze of subway cars really confuses the cops.
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User Info: xsilentshadowx

11 years ago#4
You can gte 5 stars in about 20seconds maybe less. Just go find a civilian and shoot him a bunch of times. Cops will like teleport right onto that street.
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